Crystal Skull Part 3 – Treasure Level 3: Trick or Treasure

True Adventurer: 50,000 studs
Character types needed: Gun, Sword
Unlocks: Nothing

LEVEL ENTRANCE: For this level you'll need Agent Spalko (sword) and any of the male characters with a gun. The entrance is the same as the 3rd Story Level: the cave that resembles a skull near the waterfall. See the Hub Maps and Treasure Level Intro for details and screenshots.

Ugha Temple Interior

In this level, you return to the same area where you fought the Ugha King in the Temple Tangle Story Level. The king has gone, and there are now various ornate boxes placed throughout the temple. Some of these contain enemy warriors ("tricks"), others green jewels ("treasure"). You must find all 5 hidden jewels to obtain the Artifact. You don't have to open the boxes with the enemies inside if you don't want to.

The room where you start contains 2 boxes. Throw Spalko's sword at the cable above each one to drop a heavy weight on top of it and smash it open. The one on the right contains an Ugha warrior, the one on the left holds a green jewel (1/5). Jump onto it to grab it and add it to your collection.

Smash the other golden objects in the background for studs. Then switch to your male character with a gun—here we happen to be using Mac—and shoot the bull's-eye target in the foreground to open the next box and get another green jewel (2/5). On the left is another bull's eye, which opens the box containing another jewel (3/5).

A little farther to the left, beyond the gap with the waterfall, is an area with spiked floor tiles. You can use Spalko's sword to cut the cable and open the box, but there's only another Ugha warrior inside.

The area on the far left with the wall paintings and the stone cylinders has 3 boxes. The one on the right can be opened using Spalko's sword. Inside is a white-haired spearman. Either throw your sword at him or pick up one of the spears he throws at you and toss it back at him.

Shoot the bull's eye to open the middle box and get the jewel (4/5).

There are 2 purple studs hidden behind the leftmost box and another white-haired spearman inside. You can use Spalko's sword to open it, but this isn't necessary.

Now head all the way back to the right. The next 3 boxes—in the area with the spiked floor tiles just beyond the entrance, on the ledge above the spiked rollers, and between the checkerboard tiles—all contain enemies. So you can avoid them if you like. Otherwise, open them as you've done the others and fight the warriors inside. Remember to use Spalko's sword against the white-haired spearman, since bullets can't hurt him.

The remaining green jewel (5/5) is hidden in the next box to the right. Shoot the bull's eye to blow up the box and reveal it. When you take the jewel, the Artifact appears near the entrance. You can return to it and finish the level now, or continue to the right for more studs.

The last 2 boxes contain enemies. You don't have to open them if you don't want to. Be sure to pick up the 2 purple studs behind the box on the right, though. A nice treat, indeed! When you have everything, return to the left and take the Artifact to finish the level.

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