Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Part 2 – Characters

This page lists all of the characters in the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Part 2, in the order they appear on the playset and pause menus, along with their special abilities and items (if any) and how to unlock them. Below the list are screenshots showing where each purchased character can be found. For more info, including a complete character list for the entire game, see the main Characters page.

IndianaIndiana Jones (Crystal Skull)
Ability: None  Equipment: Whip  Cost: Free
One of the first two characters you control in this hub. Unlocked automatically.

Ability: Repair  Equipment: Wrench  Cost: Free
One of the first two characters you control in this hub. Unlocked automatically.

Ability: Repel Insects  Equipment: Crystal Skull  Cost: Free
After completing the Mac Attack Story Level, this character is automatically unlocked. He appears in Spalko's camp along with your other characters.

MarionMarion (Crystal Skull)
Ability: High Jump  Equipment: None  Cost: Free
Same as Oxley, above.

Ability: None  Equipment: Pistol  Cost: Free
Same as Oxley, above.

Ability: Security Clearance  Equipment: Pistol  Cost: 15,000
After you complete the Mac Attack Story Level and return to the campsite, several soldiers emerge from the tents and attack. Fight until you can unlock one of them.

OfficerRussian Officer
Ability: Security Clearance  Equipment: Bazooka  Cost: 30,000 studs
When you finish the Rainforest Rumble Story Level, a squad of Russian officers swarms out of the level entrance, located on the road near the Super Bonus Level. Fight them to unlock the officer.

GrenadierRussian Grenadier
Ability: Security Clearance  Equipment: Grenades  Cost: 30,000 studs
This character is unlocked when you beat the Nazcar Race (see Races & Challenges for details). He can be found at the campsite.

WarriorCemetery Warrior
Ability: None  Equipment: Spear  Cost: 20,000
After beating the Tomb Doom Story Level and emerging from the ruins, move into the open area on the right. Fight the warriors that emerge from the openings in the wall and you'll have a chance to unlock this character.

KingCemetery Warrior King
Ability: None  Equipment: None  Cost: 25,000 studs
After beating the last Story Level, return to the cemetery and fight the king. You'll then have the opportunity to unlock him.

Ability: None  Equipment: None  Cost: 15,000
When you beat the Motorbike Race (see Races & Challenges), this character appears on the right side of the airfield.

NursePeru Nurse
Ability: None  Equipment: None  Cost: 25,000 studs
Beating the Biplane Race (see Races & Challenges) unlocks this character. She appears near the airplane runway.

Market TraderMarket Trader
Ability: None  Equipment: None  Cost: 20,000 studs
When you beat the Jungle Cutter Challenge (see Races & Challenges) the Trader appears near the ant swarm where you dynamited the boulders earlier.

Ability: Security Clearance  Equipment: Chain Whip  Cost: 500,000
When you've beaten all the Story Levels, grab the shovel from the shed on the beach (shown in the screenshot for Blue Brick #6) return to the entrance to the last level, where you got the key from the monkey. Dig up the pieces of Colonel Dovchenko's minifigure, assemble them, fight the Colonel and you'll then be able to unlock him.

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Russian Officer

Russian Grenadier

Cemetery Warrior

Cemetery Warrior King


Peru Nurse

Market Trader
Market Trader

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