Crystal Skull Part 3 – Story Level 4: Ugha Struggle

True Adventurer: 20,000 studs
Characters: Indiana Jones, Marion, Mutt
Unlocks: Ugha Assassin

LEVEL ENTRANCE: When you finish the 3rd Story Level, the skull cave's mouth opens so you can go through into the area with the pyramids. Climb the steps to the smaller pyramid and go inside. See the Story Level Intro and/or Hub Maps if you need more info.

Pyramid Exterior

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At the beginning of the level, 6 Ugha warriors emerge from the pyramid and attack. You can fight them like any other enemy, but I found the fastest way to deal with them is to tie them up with Indy's whip and then punch them. One good hit should destroy them. Take care of the first 5 warriors this way. Then tie up the 6th and leave him to sit for a while as you smash up all the plants and debris in in the clearing in front of the temple—hopefully achieving "True Adventurer" in the process. If the warrior gets loose while you're exploring, just tie him up again. Once you've smashed everything in sight, you can take care of him.

LEGO Indiana Jones 2 screenshot
Use Indy's whip to tie up each warrior.

LEGO Indiana Jones 2 screenshot
Once they are immobilized. . .

LEGO Indiana Jones 2 screenshot
. . . one punch will destroy them.
LEGO Indiana Jones 2 screenshot
Leave the last warrior tied up while you collect studs.

In the next phase, 6 more warriors come out of the temple. Deal with them just as you did the first group.

When they've all been destroyed, the smooth side of the pyramid turns into stairs so you can begin working your way to the top. When you reach the highest landing you're able to reach right now, more enemies start to emerge and LEGO boulders begin rolling down the middle of the staircase. In order to move on to the next phase, you must defeat 4 regular warriors and 4 white-haired spearmen.

The warriors come out of the little doors in the sides of the pyramid. You can tie them up and hit them or just fight them like any other enemies. Note that once you've destroyed the first 4 dark-haired warriors, more will continue come out of the side doors. Fighting them doesn't advance the level, but you'll probably have to do this anyway, since they tend to get in the way.

The white-haired enemies stand on the ledge above and throw spears down at your characters. To defeat them, you'll need to grab their spears after they land or go get a spear from one of the racks at the left and right corners of the pyramid. Then aim and throw at the warriors above.

LEGO Indiana Jones 2 screenshot
Fight the second group of warriors just like you did the first.

LEGO Indiana Jones 2 screenshot
After they are defeated, the pyramid steps
extend so you can climb up.

LEGO Indiana Jones 2 screenshot
Now you must fight warriors and white-haired spearmen while avoiding the rolling boulders.

LEGO Indiana Jones 2 screenshot
Pick up thrown spears or grab some from the racks.

LEGO Indiana Jones 2 screenshot
Then throw the spears back at the enemies above.

After you defeat this group, the next set of stairs extends so you can climb to the next level. Ugha warriors continue to appear, and boulders continue to roll down the middle of the stairs. But in order to advance, you must concentrate on the enemies whose portraits appear at the top of the screen: 2 white-haired spearmen in the doorway above and There are also 2 warriors with shields and fancy headdresses on the platforms beside the door.

Fight the white-haired warriors like you did before: pick up a thrown spear or grab a one from any of the spear racks and throw.

To deal with the headdress guy on the right, have Marion jump over to the ledge on the right and pull the dangling vine. This drops a huge boulder right on top of the headdress guy. You'll also pick up a purple stud in the process.

For the headdress guy on the left, switch to Indy, jump over to the ledge on the left and use his whip to pull the orange ring. This knocks down the scaffolding, dumping the giant statue head onto the enemy below.

When the last 4 enemies have been defeated, the top staircase extends. Climb to the top of the pyramid to reach Oxley and finish the level.

LEGO Indiana Jones 2 screenshot
Have Marion pull the dangling vine to drop a boulder on the enemy on the right.

LEGO Indiana Jones 2 screenshot
Use Indy's whip to pull the ring and crush the enemy on the left.

LEGO Indiana Jones 2 screenshot
When the 4 main enemies are defeated,
the stairs extend so you can reach the exit.
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