LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures - Parcels & Extras

The Mailroom in Barnett College
Each of the 18 levels in the Raiders, Temple of Doom and Last Crusade storylines contains a hidden parcel and corresponding mailbox. Find the parcel and mail it home. Later, when you finish the level, return to the Mail Room at Barnett College to see all the packages you've obtained so far. Pay the postage due to unlock each parcel's special properties. There are also several parcels available in the Mail Room at the start of the game. You must still pay to unlock these. To activate or de-activate each of these special powers, pause the game and go to the Extras Menu.

Extras List

All of the available extras are described in the table below, along with the level where the corresponding parcel is found and the cost (in studs) to unlock.

Extra Details Level Cost
Secret Characters Unlocks various secret characters for use in Free Play. See the "Secret Characters" section of the Characters page for details. Start of Game 25,000
Fertilizer When riding a LEGO animal (e.g., elephant, horse, camel), press the Use button to make the animal poop. Start of Game 7,500
Disguises All characters wear silly (and, as far as I can tell, useless) disguises. Start of Game 12,500
Silhouettes All character and animal models are shown as dark silhouettes. Start of Game 10,000
Beep Beep When driving a LEGO vehicle, press the Use button to honk the horn. Start of Game 7,500
Ice Rink Characters slide along the ground as though moving on ice. Start of Game 15,000
Fast Fix Repairing broken machinery with a wrench goes much more quickly. Lost Temple 30,000
Super Slap Melee attacks do more damage. Into the Mountains 25,000
Treasure x2 Doubles the value of each stud collected.* City of Danger 1,000,000
Fast Dig Digging with a shovel goes much more quickly. Well of Souls 50,000
Fast Build Assembling LEGO objects from piles of bricks goes much more quickly. Pursuing the Ark 40,000
Artifact Detector Green arrows appear on screen indicating the locations of hidden treasure chests. Opening the Ark 250,000
Treasure x4 Each stud collected is worth four times its normal value.* Shanghai Showdown 2,000,000
Poo Treasure When riding a LEGO animal (e.g., elephant, horse, camel), press the Use button to make the animal poop studs. Pankot Secrets 70,000
Super Scream Makes Willie's scream powerful enough to destroy enemies. Temple of Kali 80,000
Character Treasure Enemies yield studs when destroyed. Free the Slaves 100,000
Treasure x6 Each stud collected is worth six times its normal value.* Escape the Mines 3,000,000
Regenerate Hearts Characters gradually heal over time. Battle on the Bridge 150,000
Parcel Detector An arrow appears on screen indicating the locations of each level's hidden parcel. Hunt for Sir Richard 125,000
Disarm Enemies Enemies that carry guns will not be able to fire them. (Explosive weapons, such as grenades and bazookas, still cause damage.) Castle Rescue 100,000
Treasure x8 Each stud collected is worth eight times its normal value.* Motorcycle Escape 4,000,000
Treasure Magnet Attracts loose studs within a larger than normal radius. Trouble in the Sky 100,000
Treasure x10 Each stud collected is worth ten times its normal value.* Desert Ambush 5,000,000
Invincibility Characters cannot be harmed by enemy attacks. (Traps, falling and other hazards still do damage.) Temple of the Grail 1,000,000

* All treasure multipliers stack. So, for example, if you activate both the "Treasure x2" and "Treasure x4" extras, each stud will be worth 8 times its normal value. If all multipliers are activated, each stud will be worth 3840 times its normal value (2 x 4 x 6 x 8 x 10 = 3840).

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