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LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures - Barnett College

This is where Indiana Jones teaches when he's not having adventures in the field. It functions as the game's hub, a place to regroup between levels and to spend the studs you've collected.

After you've completed the first Raiders of the Lost Ark level in Story Mode, you will have the option to return to Barnett College following each level or to continue with the story.

While moving through the college, you'll have control over one character at a time. To switch characters move close to any other playable character and press the Free Tag button. There are also various LEGO students wandering about, but you can't control them.

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Barnett College - Main HallMain Hall

Straight ahead, between the two staircases is a wall with three bulletin boards—one for each of the original movie adventures. Approach each board to check your progress in that storyline or to continue playing. (See Story and Free Play Modes.)

To check your progress in the entire game, move your character onto the octagonal tile pattern in the middle of the Main Hall.

Barnett College - LibraryLibrary

First door on the left side of the Main Hall. This is where you purchase characters you've unlocked so you can use them in Free Play. Approach the librarian's counter and use the direction keys or control stick to scroll through all the available characters. The cost (in studs) to unlock each one is displayed. (See the Characters page for details.)

Barnett College - ClassroomClassroom

Second door on the left side of the Main Hall. Visit the Classroom and use the chalk board to enter cheat codes. Codes for unlocking Characters and Extras are listed on the Cheats page.

Barnett College - TheaterTheater

Third door on the left side of the Main Hall. Here you can replay cut scenes you've unlocked by completing the levels in Story Mode.

Barnett College - Art RoomArt Room

Reached either by going through the Courtyard, which is the first door on the right side of the Main Hall, or by jumping over the railing on the right side of the Artifact Room on the second floor. This is where you can create custom characters for use in Free Play. See the Characters page for details.

Barnett College - Mail RoomMail Room

Second door on the right side of the main hall. Whenever you find and mail a parcel during gameplay, this is where they end up. Approach the mail cubbies and to examine the parcels you've collected.. The cost (in studs) to purchase each one is displayed. See the Parcels and Extras page for details.

Barnett College - Indy's OfficeIndiana Jones's Office

Third door on the right side of the Main Hall. Indy's spacious work area includes several secrets that can be obtained only by characters possessing particular abilities. Discovering all of these secrets will help you unlock the game's three Bonus Levels.

Barnett College - Artifact RoomArtifact Room

This large room is located upstairs on the right. Here you can peruse all the Artifacts you've collected so far. As you gradually discover more artifact pieces, the collection grows.

You to spend studs to display the missing pieces in each artifact. This is a bit of a waste, though, since you still have to collect the treasure chests in each level to actually complete the artifacts.

The pedestal and three raised circles on the floor in the middle of the room are part of the puzzle that unlocks the three Bonus Levels.

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