LEGO Indiana Jones - Bonus Levels
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Accessing the game's 3 bonus levels is a multi-step process: First, collect all the Artifacts in each storyline. That's 10 artifact pieces for each level in each story, or 60 in all. Completing all 6 artifacts in the Raiders of the Lost Ark storyline unlocks the Young Indy level. The 6 Temple of Doom artifacts unlock the Ancient City level, and the 6 Last Crusade artifacts unlock the Warehouse. To check your progress, stand on the pads in front of the bulletin boards in the Main Hall at Barnett College or visit the Artifact Room on the second floor.

IMPORTANT: You must obtain the artifacts by finding them during gameplay. Just purchasing them with studs in the Artifact Room will not unlock the bonus levels.

Then comes step 2: Once you have found all artifacts in at least one of the storylines, go to Indiana Jones's Office at Barnett College. Indy's office is the third door on the right side of the Main Hall. Use characters with various special abilities to locate the 5 hidden treasure chests here. (See the Characters page for more info.)

Use a Thuggee character to activate the Kali statue on the right and reveal a hidden crawlspace. Use a small-sized character to crawl through to the ledge above, where you'll find treasure chest #1. Grab it, hop down, and place the chest on one of the green LEGO plates in the middle of the room.

Treasure chest #2 is under the glass dome in the back right corner. Use Willie's super-scream to shatter the dome, or use any character with explosives to break the glass. Then place the chest on one of the green plates.

Use any female character to reach treasure chest #3 on the high shelf at the back of the room. Place it on one of the plates as well.

Switch to a character with the academic ability to solve the hieroglyph puzzle in the back left corner. This opens a secret panel concealing treasure chest #4. Carry it to one of the plates.

To obtain treasure chest #5 use a character with explosives to blow up the silver disks in the left foreground. Then switch to someone with a shovel to excavate the sparkling patch of floor. When you've dug up the chest, place it on the remaining green plate.

Now use the pile of LEGO bits to build a pallet. Then smash it to find a golden key.

Take the key to the Artifact Room on the second floor (i.e., through the Main Hall, up the stairs and through the doorway on the right). Pick up the diamond lying on the floor and place it on top of the central pedestal. Then use the golden key in the mechanism on the front of the pedestal to open the grates over the 3 round openings in the floor. These are the entrances to the bonus levels.

NOTE: It's possible to use the diamond and key at any time during the game, but each grate will only open after you've found enough artifacts to unlock that particular level.

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