LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues - Vehicles

Hotrod VehicleLEGO Indiana Jones 2 includes 42 unlockable vehicles ranging in size from tricycle to zeppelin, with dozens of bikes, cars, trucks, boats and aircraft in between.

Each playset's hub map contains a number of different vehicles, which can only be used in that hub. These must be found and purchased using the studs you've collected. Once unlocked, vehicles will allow you to move around the hub maps more quickly. Some will help you reach new areas, and a few can be used to complete races and unlock additional goodies like new characters.

All of the vehicles you've obtained so far are shown on the Playset Menu as well as on the Pause Menu in each hub. (See Controls and Menus.) The following list covers all available vehicles and includes the hub where each is found and its cost in studs. For details see the Vehicles section of each hub walkthrough.

Vehicle Playset Cost
Bicycle Crystal Skull 2 7,000
Bike 'n' Side Last Crusade 5,000
Biplane Crystal Skull 2
Raiders, Last Crusade
Bus Crystal Skull 2 15,000
Car Boat Crystal Skull 3 5,000
Fire Truck Crystal Skull 1 40,000
Flying Wing Raiders 250,000
Fridge Car Crystal Skull 1 35,000
Gondola Last Crusade 10,000
Hotrod Crystal Skull 1 30,000
Ice Cream Van Crystal Skull 1 & 3 30,000
Jeep, Army Crystal Skull 1 & 2, Raiders, Last Crusade 30,000
Jeep, Civilian Crystal Skull 3 20,000
Jeep, Jungle Crystal Skull 3 30,000
Jungle Cutter Crystal Skull 3 5,000
Junk Boat Temple of Doom 35,000
Lao Che's Plane Temple of Doom 100,000
Motorbike Crystal Skull 1 & 2 20,000
Motorbike, Blue Crystal Skull 3 15,000
Motorbike, Green Crystal Skull 3 15,000
Nazca Drifter Crystal Skull 2 25,000
Nazca Racer Crystal Skull 2 25,000
Passenger Jet Raiders 100,000
Rickshaw Temple of Doom 25,000
Sabre Jet Crystal Skull 1 250,000
Scooter Temple of Doom 20,000
Short Round's Car Temple of Doom 30,000
Snowmobile Raiders 15,000
Speedboat, Blue Raiders 20,000
Speedboat, Green Raiders
Last Crusade
Speedboat, Venice    Last Crusade 25,000
Staff Car Last Crusade 40,000
Stunt Plane Temple of Doom 100,000
Tank Last Crusade 50,000
Tractor Temple of Doom 35,000
Tricycle Crystal Skull 1 5,000
Tuk Tuk Temple of Doom 20,000
U-Boat 26 Raiders 30,000
UFO Ride Crystal Skull 3 250,000
Zeppelin Last Crusade 100,000
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