Nintendo DS - Last Crusade Level 1: Retrieving the Cross


Story Mode Characters: Young Indy, Herman
Characters Unlocked: Young Indy, Herman, Fedora, Grave Robber 1, Grave Robber 2
Free Play Skills Needed: Bottle Throwing, Digger, Military, Small Size
True Adventurer: Story 30,000 studs · Free Play 38,000 studs
Red Brick Reward: Score x4 Extra (1,000,000 studs)

Area 1: Area 1: Cave Entrance

Break the wooden crate to a blue brick (1/3). Drop it on the blue pad. Break the other crate and use the leftover LEGO bits to build a dangling rope. Climb up, grab map piece (1/3) and then slide the crate off the ledge so it smashes on the ground, revealing another blue brick (2/3). Place it on the pad too. Use the large pile of LEGO bits in the background to build a totem pole with a lever. When you pull the lever, blue brick (3/3) falls from above. Drop it on the blue pad as well, and use the pieces that appear to build a bridge so you can cross the chasm on the right.

FREE PLAY: In Story Mode Young Indy doesn't have a whip yet. Later, when you redo this level in Free Play, you'll have a version of Indiana Jones who already possesses a whip. Position him on the brown whip pad and swing across the chasm to the right.

Jump over to the next whip pad in the background, taking care to avoid stepping on the middle of the ledge, which triggers the dart trap on the back wall. Whip swing across the next gap to the right. Pick up the wooden torch, light it on the burning brazier and use it to ignite the 2 torches on the totem poles. A pile of LEGO bits falls from the ceiling. Build a military access panel, switch to a character in uniform and use the panel to get artifact piece (1/10). Swing back across to the start.

Pull the 2 levers on the back wall to raise the bars over the tunnel and go through.

Area 2: Grave Robbers' Hideout

As you enter this area, a pair of grave robbers flees, sealing the exit. Head to the right and smash the boxes near the back wall to obtain map piece (2/3).

FREE PLAY: Breaking these boxes also yields a pile of bits you can use to build a crawlspace. The boy scouts are too big to fit through it, so return later in Free Play mode with a small sized character. Crawl through to get artifact piece (2/10). Grab it and return through the crawlspace.

Smash the wooden barrel and build a TNT plunger. Press it to blow up the rock formation on the right, creating a small platform. Jump across the chasm to the ledge on the right. Destroy the gray boulders, build a set of ledges and climb onto the ledge above.

Break the barrel in the right corner to obtain map piece (3/3). If you picked up the other two map pieces before, artifact piece (3/10) will appear here.

Head to the left, hit the basket with the 3 blue bricks in it and then drop the bricks on the blue pad. A treasure chest containing artifact piece (4/10) appears.

Have each character stand on one of the 2 floor buttons to get the parts for a bridge. Build it and cross over it to the left. To avoid the spear trap on the back wall, don't jump up while crossing this. Grab the wooden torch lying on the ground, carry it back across the bridge and light it on the burning brazier. Return to the left and use the torch to ignite the barrel of TNT. The resulting explosion opens the exit.

Area 3: Circus Train

After the cut scene in which Indy and his buddy steal the Cross of Coronado from the grave robbers and make a daring escape on horseback, you begin the next section on top of a moving train.

FREE PLAY: Jump onto the coal car on the left. Switch to a character with a shovel and dig up the sparkly patch to get the bits to build a whip pad. Stand Indy on the pad and use his whip to pull down a ledge on the left. Jump across and stand on the red button to get the pieces to build a crawlspace. Toggle to a small character and go through.

Rearrange the sign on the side of the train engine to build a ledge. Before climbing up, go around to the left to the front of the train. Toggle to a character that throws bottles and toss one at the train's headlight to reveal artifact piece (5/10).

Return to the right to the ledge you just made, climb up onto the engine and use the green bits to build a steam dome you can stand on. Jump up to the roof of the car on the right. Step on the 2 red buttons to retract the smokestack. Now you can jump from the steam dome to the red brick.

Return to the roof of the engine, where the buttons are, and jump down on the right, following the arc of floating studs to land on the coal car. Then jump back to the car where you started.

Jump onto the next car on the right and fight the 2 bandits. Build 2 red buttons and step on them to open a hatch on top of the next car. Jump across to that car and stand on the giraffe's head. Let it carry you upward and jump to grab the studs floating above. Build a ramp and use it to reach the next train car.

Pull/push each of the 2 boxes with handles along the checkerboard tiles into the little wooden doorways with the red lights above them. This raises the platform in the middle of the car. Climb up on the left and retrieve artifact piece (6/10). Then use the planks to build a bridge to the next car. When you cross over, the roof of the car collapses, and Indy and Herman land inside.

Area 4: Lion Cage

If you like, you can build a dangling rope to get back up top. There's no need to do this unless you missed something earlier and want to go back.

Pull the lever on the back wall to lower a ledge with a whip pad on it. Now all you need is a whip. Climb down to the floor and grab it. Then climb back up and use the whip pad to swing across to the right. Hop down on the other side and use the next whip pad to climb onto the ledge above, where there is yet another whip pad. Use this one to pull down a box of meat, distracting the hungry lion. Jump down, stand on the other whip pad and use Indy's whip to pull the lever on the wall, trapping the lion in the cage with the meat and opening the other cage doors so your other character can come through.

Stand both boys on the large square button to extend a rope. Climb up and out of this car.

Area 5: Moving Train (Again)

Stand on the whip pad and pull down a ledge so you can jump over to the next car. Hop down on the right and push the box with the handles between the boxes and out the other side. Climb up to the next whip pad, whip down another ledge and enter the next car.

Area 6: Reptile Car

Avoid the deadly snake pit on the right. Push the box with handles off the ledge into the pit. Grab the blue brick (1/3), hop down onto the box and jump from there to the other side of the pit. Drop the brick on the blue pad. Then move to the back wall, build a lever and pull it to raise a platform on the right.

Jump across to the ledge in the back right corner. Use the whip pad there to snag a red box, which explodes revealing another blue brick (2/3). Carry it back to the blue pad in the foreground.

Stand on the whip pad to the left of the lever and pull down another box with handles. Jump across to the ledge in the back left corner. Use the whip pad there to reach the ledge above, where you'll find the last blue brick (3/3). Grab it, hop down, jump back across the snake pit and carry the to the blue pad. Use the LEGO bits you get to build a crank mechanism. Turn it to raise another platform, which will allow you to reach the exit on the far right.

Area 7: Moving Train (Again)

Jump up on top of the train car on the right. Fight a bandit and then jump over to the left car to deal with his buddy—and pick up a load of studs. Return to the car on the right. Move to the back right corner and jump down to the next car, following the arc of floating studs.

Fight 2 more grave robbers. Then grab the handle on the small box in the stack on the right and pull to topple the stack, revealing artifact piece (7/10). Climb up to get the artifact. Then stand on the whip pad, whip out a ledge and hop across to the next car on the right.

Smash the crates and build 2 red buttons. Step on them to extend a ledge down below, between the two cars. Artifact piece (8/10) appears here.

If you smash the boxes next to the one with the handle, you may find that the second character can't climb onto the crates on the right. You can avoid this by not breaking those boxes. But if it has already happened, try using your main character to climb up, build the buttons and then jump onto the next car. The second character should then appear and you can jump back over to the buttons.

After building and using the buttons, hop down onto the ledge between the cars and get the artifact. Then build another red button and step on it to raise the ledge. Hop onto the car on the right.

Watch out for the rhinoceros horns that poke up through the floor as you slide the box with handles along the checkerboard tiles to the right. Wait for a horn to pop up and destroy the box. Then use the leftover bits to build another box. Push it to the right as well. When the rhinoceros destroys it, artifact piece (9/10) appears.

Leap over to the next car on the right. Fight 2 more bandits. Jump down to the next car, build a dangling rope and climb on top of the car. Defeat another bandit. Then climb back down on the left and go through the doorway near the rope.

Area 8: Magician's Car

Hop up onto the whip pad and use Indy's whip to pull down the red box. Doing so also reveals artifact piece (10/10) high on the left. Jump over to the new whip pad on the left and use Indy's whip to climb up to the artifact.

Jump down and slide the red box along the checkerboard tiles onto the red star tile. It explodes, leaving behind a blue brick (1/3). Place it on the blue pad nearby.

Stand on the whip pad that appears just to the right and whip down the blue box, which also explodes, giving you another blue brick (2/3). Drop it on the pad as well.

Now move to the right and turn the crank to raise the platform in the corner and reveal another whip pad. Climb Indy's whip to reach the platform. Use the whip pad there to pull down the green box. Slide it along the checkered tiles onto the green star tile to get the remaining blue brick (3/3).

When you've placed all 3 bricks on the blue pad, a heap of purple bits appears. Use these to build a magician's trick box. After it collapses, step on the box bottom and fall through the trapdoor to end the level.

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