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LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures for Nintendo DS

LEGO Indiana Jones Nintendo DS

In this fun, portable version of the first LEGO Indiana Jones game, players run, jump, punch, whip and build their way through the first three Indiana Jones movies. Even if you've played the computer or console version, you'll find all-new levels, puzzles and mini-games here on the DS.

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Basic Controls
D-Pad – Move Character
B – Jump
Y – Attack (with fists or weapon)
A – Use Object/Tool/Whip, Build, Pick Up Object
X – Tag (switch characters)
L/R – Toggle Characters in Free Play
Touch Screen – Choose Character/Manipulate Objects
Start – Pause/In-Game Options
Microphone – Blow to extinguish torches, operate fans, inflate rafts

Vehicle Controls:
D-Pad – Steer
Y – Fire Weapon (if available)

D-Pad – Navigate Menu Options
A – Select Highlighted Option
B – Go Back/Cancel


The game begins in Barnett College, the game's hub. On the upper floor, there are three doors. At first, only door #1 is accessible. This leads to a hallway with 6 more doors—one for each level in the Raiders of the Lost Ark storyline. After completing the first Raiders level, you'll be able to continue in the that story or return to the college and enter the other two doors to play the Temple of Doom and Last Crusade stories. You can then switch among the three stories whenever you like. Downstairs there are four more doors:

Exit to Street – The door on the far left leads outside. You can explore here and break things for studs, but there's not much to find.

Indiana Jones's Office – Middle left door with fedora hat sign. Inside, jump up on the worktable to access the following:

Use the doorway to the right of the table access the Character Customization screen, where you can make your own characters to use in Free Play. On the far right is a game timer showing how long you've played and the percentage of the game completed.

Game Room – Middle right door with DS sign above. This is where you go to play any mini-games you've unlocked so far. To unlock more, locate the red brick in each level and then go to Indy's office and spend studs to unlock games and other Extras.

Artifact Room – Far right door. Here you'll find a display case containing all the artifacts you've found so far.

Gameplay Modes

STORY MODE – This is where you play through the events in the Indiana Jones movies in order. You control Indy and usually just one other character—someone who would normally appear in that sequence. You can switch between those two characters by pressing the X button or by tapping the character portraits on the touch screen. Occasionally you'll have control of three characters, as in most of The Temple of Doom, when you control Indy, Willie and Short Round. You won't be able to reach every part of every level in Story Mode. So, in order to explore completely and discover every hidden item, you'll need to replay every level at least once in Free Play mode.

FREE PLAY – Once you've completed a level in Story Mode, you can replay it in Free Play. Just re-enter the door for that level in Barnett College. In Free Play you'll choose your main character from among those you've unlocked so far. Then the game selects a group of characters with varying abilities to round out the team. You'll still control only two characters at a time, but you can switch among all the available characters by tapping their portraits on the touch screen. The more you play, the more characters you'll unlock, and the better selection you'll have for Free Play. (See the Characters page for more info.)

MULTIPLAYER – To play LEGO Indiana Jones with a friend, you'll each need a copy of the game. Both players should then start the game and go to the Indy's office on the lower floor of Barnett College. (It's the room with the fedora hat sign over the door.) Hop up on the worktable and select the Multiplayer option (the icon with the 2 Nintendo DS consoles). One player should then choose Host Game. When she sees the message "Waiting for player", the second player should then choose "join Game" on her DS. The first player confirms that she wants the other player to join and you're on your way!


STUDS – Most objects in the game world release studs when smashed. Studs are used to purchase bonuses, such as Characters and Extras. The counter at the top left corner of the screen shows how many studs you've collected so far in the current level. There are various types of LEGO Studs, each with a different value: Silver: 10, Gold: 100, Blue: 1,000.

To achieve True Adventurer status for the current level, collect enough studs to fill the yellow stud meter at the top right. When you do, the words "True Adventurer" flash across the screen. The meter then remains full even if you subsequently lose some studs. Achieving True Adventurer for all levels is one factor in 100% completion.

HEARTS – Some items and enemies release hearts when they are destroyed. Hearts restore your character's health when you pick them up.

ARTIFACTS – Each level contains 10 artifact pieces, which look like golden statuettes. Many artifact pieces can be collected in Story Mode, but some are only accessible in Free Play. When you've collected all 10 pieces in a given level, you complete the artifact for that level, which is then placed on display in the Artifact Room at Barnett College. The walkthroughs tell the location of every artifact piece.

MAP PIECES – Each level contains three hidden map pieces. When you find all three, you are rewarded with one of the 10 artifact pieces in that level. Map piece locations are also in the walkthroughs.

RED BRICKS – Each level also contains a hidden red LEGO brick. Some of these can only be obtained in Free Play. Each red brick unlocks an "Extra" like a special power or mini-game, which can then be bought with studs. For more info, see the Extras page and the level walkthroughs.

GOLD BRICKS – There are 108 gold bricks in the game. These are not actually found while playing but are awarded for progress in the game. You can earn five gold bricks for each level by doing the following:

Five bricks x 18 levels = 90 gold bricks.

Another 17 gold bricks are won by acing certain mini-games. Go to the Game Room in Barnett College to access the mini-games you've unlocked. Each of the games marked "(0/1)" gives a gold brick when you beat it with an A+ score. To get the 108th gold brick go to the Artifact Room in Barnett College. Stand in front of the display case and use the D-pad to examine the artifacts you've collected. When you've seen them all, you'll receive a bonus artifact and the final gold brick. (Thanks to musicalityAA on the GameFAQs forums for this info.)

100% Completion

There is no bonus for achieving 100% except the satisfaction from a job well done. If you still want to go for it, here's what you'll need to do:

Your current percentage of completion is shown for each save file on the "Load Game" screen. It's also shown on the game timer in Indy's office at Barnett College. To check your progress in each level, stand near the entrance to that level to bring up an on-screen overlay with details for that level. Standing in the middle of the balcony in the main hall shows your progress for the whole game.

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