LEGO Indiana Jones for Nintendo DS - Red Bricks & Extras

Finding the red brick in each level unlocks various "Extras," such as mini-games and other bonuses. Once you've unlocked an Extra, go to Indy's office at Barnett College to buy it.

After unlocking mini-games head next door to the Game Room to play them. To turn on bonuses like Fast Build, stud multipliers and Invincibility, press Start, select 'Extras', then scroll down the list and press A to toggle each bonus on/off. These need to be activated each time you turn on the game.

TIP: If you're trying for 100% completion, I'd recommend unlocking the stud multiplier extras as soon as you can. These make every stud you find worth 2, 4, 6 or 10 times its usual value. Stud multipliers are cumulative, so if you turn all of them on, you'll get 480 times the loot (2 x 4 x 6 x 10 = 480). At that rate it won't take long to buy all the Characters and Extras.

Here's a complete list of unlockable Extras. The exact location of each red brick appear in the level walkthroughs in red text.

Level Extra/Mini-Game Cost
R1 - Lost Temple Scholar Access Panel Mini-Game 20,000
R2 - Into the Mountains Raven Stud Shove Mini-Game 50,000
R3 - Cairo Street Fight Military Access Panel Mini-Game 20,000
R4 - Well of Souls One Shot Extra 1,000,000
R5 - Rescue the Ark Whip Drag Survival Mini-Game 50,000
R6 - Opening the Ark Fast Build Extra 300,000
T1 - Shanghai Showdown Whip Drag Mini-Game 50,000
T2 - Rapids Score x2 Extra 500,000
T3 - Pankot Palace Chilled Monkey Brains Mini-Game 50,000
T4 - Temple of Doom Thuggee Access Panel Mini-Game 20,000
T5 - Escape the Mineshaft Beetle Platter Mini-Game 50,000
T6 - Battle on the Bridge Regenerate Hearts Extra 1,000,000
C1 - Retrieving the Cross Score x4 Extra 1,000,000
C2 - Tomb of Sir Richard BOTCS Access Panel Mini-Game 20,000
C3 - Rescue Professor Jones Score x6 Extra 1,500,000
C4 - Zeppelin LEGO Logo Survival Mini-Game 50,000
C5 - Canyon of the Crescent Moon Score x10 Extra 3,000,000
C6 - Temple of the Grail Invincibility Extra 2,000,000

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