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Nintendo DS - Temple of Doom Level 1: Shanghai Showdown

Story Mode Characters: Indiana Jones (Tuxedo), Willie Scott (Singer)
Characters Unlocked: Both Story Characters (above), Shanghai Hoodlum, Wu Han, Lao Che, Kao Kan, Chen
Free Play Skills Needed: Digger, Military, Pet Monkey, Scholar, Small Size, Thuggee, Umbrella
True Adventurer: Story 37,000 studs · Free Play 67,000 studs
Red Brick Reward: Whip Drag Mini Game (50,000 studs)

Area 1: Club Obi Wan

Smash furniture and gather studs and hearts. Breaking all the chairs around any of the circular tables causes extra studs to pour out. When you move to the right side of the room 2 hoodlums attack. Another pair of enemies appears when you move to the left.

Smash the box on the far left to get a machine gun if you want it. Also break up the white music stands in the far left corner for a blue brick (1/3) and the bits to build a handle. Pull the handle to open a secret compartment containing the red brick. Grab it but leave the blue brick for now.

Jump onto the upper level of the bandstand. Smash the music stands there to get map piece (1/1).

FREE PLAY: Use a Thuggee character to operate the Thuggee access panel on the left. Beat the mini-game to open the door and enter the kitchen. Avoid the flames billowing from the oven. Hop up on the stove on the right and punch the exhaust fan. Use the leftover LEGO bits to build another fan on the floor. Stand a character on the fan and blow into the mic to lift him or her onto the ledge on the right. Toggle to a character carrying an umbrella and use the gray pad to slide down the zip line past the flames, landing safely on the left side of the room.

Two gangsters attack. Watch out for the second flaming oven as you fight them. Then pull the lever on the back wall to turn off the flame so your other character can pass. Toggle one character to Indiana Jones and use the whip pad to climb onto the ledge above. Stand on the second whip pad there and use Indy's whip to pull the lever and lower a rope so the other character can climb up.

Switch back to the umbrella character and use the gray pad to slide down to the left once more. Fight 2 more hoodlums and pull the lever to turn off the second flame. Switch to Indy and use the whip pad to reach artifact piece (1/10).

Use an academic character at the scholar access panel to open the door to the walk-in refrigerator. Go inside, grab the blue brick (1/3) lying on the floor and place it on the blue pad. Use the bits in the back right corner to build a lever. Pull it to open the door next to it. Smash the frozen meat inside to get map piece (2/3).

Pull the next lever to the left to open the second freezer. Switch to a character with a shovel, go in and dig up another blue brick (2/3) and carry it to the blue pad. Pull the lever on the far left to open another freezer. Get another blue brick (3/3) inside and drop it on the pad as well. Use the bits to build a fourth lever and pull it to open the last freezer. Toggle to a small sized character and go through the crawlspace. On the ledge above, go to the left for artifact piece (2/10). Hop down and return to the right, through the kitchen and back out into the main room.

Use the pile of LEGO bits on the left side of the stage to build a statue with a button on it. Sand on the 2 buttons flanking the stage to open the decorative dragon's mouth, revealing a doorway.

Go inside and fight another pair of gangsters. More baddies drop down from above as you explore. Break up the furniture and build 6 floor buttons. Step on them all to open a door revealing artifact piece (3/10). Note that these buttons pop up after a few moments, so you should probably build all of the buttons before stepping on any of them. Then try and move quickly as you depress each button in turn.

FREE PLAY: Build a red pad on the right. You'll need a character with a pet monkey here. Stand on the red pad and press A to change into the monkey. Then have the monkey climb the green vines to reach artifact piece (4/10). Hop back down and use the pad to change back to human form.

Climb the rope and follow the ledge around to the left. Use the military access panel to open the door next to it. Enter the ornately decorated office and fight 3 gangsters. Smash the chairs and other small objects to get studs, hearts and map piece (3/3). If you found the other map pieces earlier, you'll get artifact piece (5/10) now.

You'll also find 2 blue bricks (1/3 and 2/3) here—one on the floor, the other in the window on the left. Place them on the blue pad. Smash the small dresser on the right to reveal a crawlspace. Switch to a small character and go through. Get the blue brick (3/3) on the ledge above and place it on the pad as well. Use the bits to build a handle and pull it to open the bars and get artifact piece (6/10).

Return to the main room through the door on the left.

Now collect the 3 blue bricks and carry them to the blue pad just to the right of the stage. The first brick is near the bandstand on the left. The second is on the floor in the middle of the room. The third is on the banquet table on the right.

When you've placed all of the bricks on the pad, use the bits to build a handle. Pull it to lower a rope and climb onto the ledge above the stage. Climb a second rope and stand on the 2 floor buttons to drop the huge, metal gong. It crashes through the window on the far right. Hop down, climb onto the buffet table and jump onto the windowsill to trigger the next cut scene.

Area 2: Car Chase

This area is actually comprised of several separate, connected areas. I've combined them into one for the purpose of this walkthrough.

Use the D-pad to steer Short Round's car along the streets of Shanghai. Pick up as many studs as you can. Try not to smash into the other cars and trucks, but do try to hit the brightly colored market stalls. Smash 20 stalls to get artifact piece (7/10), 40 stalls for artifact piece (8/10), 60 for artifact piece (9/10). The counter at the bottom left corner of the touch screen shows the number of stalls smashed so far.

Watch for the red truck parked near the end of the first section. The back of this truck is angled like a ramp. Drive up the ramp and jump onto the brown LEGO platform. At the end of the platform, steer to the right to jump onto the platform ahead, where you'll find artifact piece (10/10).

Collect as many studs and artifact pieces as possible before the timer (shown at the bottom right corner of the touch screen) runs out and the level ends.

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