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Nintendo DS - Temple of Doom Level 3: Pankot Palace

Story Mode Characters: Indiana Jones, Willie Scott (Suit), Short Round
Characters Unlocked: Willie Scott (Pajamas), Thuggee, Chattar Lal, Maharajah, British Officer (Redcoat)
Free Play Skills Needed: Digger, Pet Monkey, Scholar, Thuggee
True Adventurer: Story 30,000 studs · Free Play 59,000 studs
Red Brick Reward: Chilled Monkey Brains Mini-Game (50,000 studs)

Area 1: Palace Entrance

Smash the urns and shrubs for studs and hearts. One of the brown bushes on the right side of the palace entrance yields map piece (1/3).

In the area below the window on the left, use the pile of loose LEGO bits to build a crate. Climb onto it to reach the windowsill. Break the left window to get artifact piece (1/10). Then return to the path leading up to the palace and go inside.

Area 2: Palace Courtyard

Three Thuggee guards attack as soon as you enter. Use Indy's whip to disarm them and then punch them to bits.

Just beyond the low wall to the right is a large box you can smash to get a rifle. When you move farther to the right, 2 more Thuggees arrive. Another Thuggee emerges from the alcove in the back wall when you explore nearby.

When the coast is clear, gather 3 blue bricks and place them on the blue pad on the right. The first brick is just to the right of the elephant cage. The second is in the back right corner. To get the third, go to the front right corner and build a crawlspace. Switch to Short Round to go through. You'll find the brick on the roof above. Grab it, hop down and place it on the pad. Build a lever and pull it to open the door to the next area.

FREE PLAY: Before leaving the Courtyard, break the urns near the second blue brick to reveal a red pad. Use it to transform someone into a monkey. Go to the far right and climb the green vines. Quickly scamper across the 8 red buttons to turn them green. When all buttons are activated at the same time, the doors near the red pad open. Climb down and use a character that throws bottles to toss one at the lit brazier, destroying the pile of LEGO bricks and revealing artifact piece (2/10).

Area 3: Palace Interior

Again, you'll need to find 3 blue bricks and place them on the blue pad on the right. The first brick is in the large box near the entrance. You'll also find a scimitar inside the jar beneath the balcony.

To get the second brick, hop into the fountain and smash the spigot in the center. The third blue brick is at the left end of the balcony. When you go up the balcony stairs, another Thuggee emerges from the alcove at the bottom. Deal with him and then retrieve the brick.

After placing all three bricks on the blue pad, use the bits to build a large gold button. Have both characters step on it to open the exit.

FREE PLAY: Use the Thuggee access panel to open the door in the middle of the room. Inside, climb the stairs and cross the tiles above the fire pit by following the coils of the red snake. The other tiles collapse beneath you. Grab artifact piece (3/10) and return to the main area.

Use the scholar access panel on the balcony to open the door next to it. Inside, smash the boxes on the right to get a wooden torch. Light it on one of the braziers. Then step on the floor button to activate a set of moving platforms above. Carefully navigate the platforms to reach the top of the room, where you'll find artifact piece (4/10). Grab it and then light the 2 torches next to it. Climb down, light the 4 torches surrounding the center platform and artifact piece (5/10) appears there. Return through the doorway on the left to the main room.

Area 4: Banquet Hall

As you enter, 2 Thuggees and a Thuggee Priest (dressed in black and white) run out to meet you. When you defeat them, 4 more Thuggees emerge, one pair at a time, from the alcoves on the left and right. When you've defeated all of these enemies, the exit opens.

Before leaving, use the bits on the left to build a lever. Pull it to obtain the red brick.

Use Indy's whip to smash all the dishes on the banquet table to open a secret panel in the back wall.

Inside the secret room is a blue pad. Find the 3 blue bricks needed. The first is inside the elephant statue near the entrance. The other two are in the boxes on the right. After placing all 3 bricks on the pad, build a gear mechanism, which operates the lift next to it. Ride the lift to the ledge above to get artifact piece (6/10).

Return to the Banquet Hall and exit through the doors on the right.

Area 5: Large Room with Balcony and Checkerboard Tiles

Use the loose bits to build a crawlspace and send Short Round through. Push the elephant statue off the ledge. Hop down and use the leftover bits to build a platform. Push it along the checkerboard tiles to the right and use it to climb over the wall.

Smash the potted plants and vases on the right to get map piece (2/3). Then go up the stairs in the background and follow the hall to the exit.

Area 6: Bedroom

Blow out all of the torches to get artifact piece (7/10). Gather up the studs and exit through the door at the back right.

FREE PLAY: Smash the potted plants on the far right and use a character with a shovel to dig up the sparkling patch. Use the bits unearthed to build a lever and pull it to move the bed aside, revealing a secret staircase. Descend to the room below.

Jump to grab the dangling rope above the pool of lava. Wait for one of the moving pedestals to approach and jump onto it. Jump from there to the center pedestal with the blue stud. Jump from there to one of the moving pedestals as it passes to the right and from there to the alcove with artifact piece (8/10). Return to the ledge on the left the way you came.

Go through the archway on the left wall to emerge outdoors. Jump across the gap to the next ledge on the left. Stand on the whip pad and use Indy's whip to climb up and get artifact piece (9/10).

Return to the lava pool room. Go through the square doorway on the back wall to get back to the bedroom. Exit through the door at the back right.

Area 7: Outside Ledges

Use Willie's umbrella to slide from the gray pad across the gap to the ledge on the right. Use the loose LEGO bits there to build a bridge so Indy can cross. Switch to Short Round and go through the crawlspace. Have him build another bridge so the other character can join him. Step on the floor button. Then smash the potted plant and build a second button. Stand on it to open a door leading back inside.

Area 8: Second Bedroom

Fight 3 Thuggees. Then use the bits in the background to build 2 boxes. Push them into the alcoves to open the door between them.

Before leaving, be sure to break the potted plant to the left of the bed to get map piece (3/3). If you found the other pieces earlier, you'll get artifact piece (10/10) now. Then follow the tunnel to the next area.

Area 9: Chamber with Spiked Ceiling

As you enter, the entrance and exit close and the spiked ceiling begins to descend. There are 4 spiked panels but only 3 of them come down each time. The yellow light on the wall shows which section is safe. So each time the spikes descend, stand in front of the yellow light to avoid being skewered.

When the spikes reach the floor, they smash the boxes sitting beneath them. The first box that breaks conceals a blue pad.

Just before the spiked panels start to ascend again, jump on top of one of them and ride it upward. Jump over to the small ledge with the blue brick (1/3). Grab it, hop down and place the brick on the blue pad.

The other blue bricks (2/3 and 3/3) are inside the other crates. When the spikes come down, they'll break these crates revealing the bricks. Grab them and place them on the pad. Use the bits to build a lever and pull it to open the exit.

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