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This page lists all of the characters in the Temple of Doom, in the order they appear on the playset and pause menus, along with their special abilities and items (if any) and how to unlock them. Below the list are screenshots showing where each purchased character can be found. For more info, including a complete character list for the entire game, see the main Characters page.

IndianaIndiana Jones (Dinner Suit)
Ability: None  Equipment: Whip  Cost: Free
One of the first two characters you control in this hub. Unlocked automatically.

Ability: High Jump  Equipment: Perfume  Cost: Free
Willie Scott is unlocked automatically as one of the first two characters you control in this hub. (NOTE: Her perfume bottle can be used as a weapon to hypnotize enemies and cause them to stop attacking temporarily. Affected enemies will even attack their own comrades; however, perfume does not allow you to control other characters like the Maharaja's Black Sleep.)

Short RoundShort Round
Ability: Repair, Small Size  Equipment: Wrench  Cost: Free
Unlocked automatically when you complete the 1st Story Level.

Ability: Thuggee Chant, Small Size  Equipment: Black Sleep  Cost: Free
Unlocked automatically when you finish the 4th Story Level. The bottle of Black Sleep this character carries can be used as a weapon. When thrown at an enemy, it allows you to take control of that character temporarily. It doesn't work on every enemy though. Some characters seem to be immune.

Shanghai HoodlumShanghai Hoodlum
Ability: None  Equipment: Pistol  Cost: 15,000 studs
After you complete the 2nd Story Level, the gate at the bottom of the Shanghai neighborhood opens so you can re-enter that area. When you approach the 1st Level entrance again, a gang of hoodlums attacks. Fight them and you'll have a chance to unlock the character.

Ability: Thuggee Chant  Equipment: Sword  Cost: 15,000 studs
When you finish the 2nd Story Level, a squad of Thuggees converges on the village. Fight them and you can unlock this character.

Pankot AssassinPankot Assassin
Ability: Thuggee Chant  Equipment: Sword  Cost: 20,000
After beating the 3rd Story Level, a squad of assassins will swarm out of the palace. Since they carry the big, black swords, they can only be beaten by another character with a sword. So return to the village to get the Thuggee. (You can take a shortcut over the hill on the right side of the palace.) Use the Thuggee to defeat the assassins and you'll be able to unlock the last one.

Thuggee AcolyteThuggee Acolyte
Ability: Thuggee Chant  Equipment: Spear  Cost: 25,000 studs
After you've beaten the 4th Story Level and unlocked the Maharajah (above), wait around at the level entrance for a moment and Thuggee Acolytes will begin to emerge. Fight them and you'll be able to unlock the character.

British CommanderBritish Commander
Ability: Nones  Equipment: Bazooka  Cost: 30,000 studs
When you beat the Stunt Plane Race (see Races & Challenges), this character appears on the right side of the two bridges. (I suppose he would also have Security Clearance, but since there are no security checkpoints in this hub, it's impossible to know for sure.)

Lao CheLao Che
Ability: None  Equipment: Machine Gun  Cost: 50,000 studs
When you beat the Rickshaw Race (see Races & Challenges), Lao Che appears back in the Shanghai neighborhood. Fight him and you'll have the opportunity to unlock him.

Village ElderVillage Elder
Ability: Academic  Equipment: Book  Cost: 75,000 studs
This character is standing in the village when you arrive, but you can't unlock him right away. In order to do so, you'll need to beat the Snake Extermination challenge, which can only be attempted after completing the 4th Story Level. (See Races & Challenges for details.)

Dancing GirlDancing Girl
Ability: High Jump  Equipment: Perfume  Cost: 25,000 studs
When you beat the Junk Boat Race (see Races & Challenges), this character appears on the dock. She has the same abilities and equipment as Willie, above.

Indian FarmerIndian Farmer
Ability: None  Equipment: None  Cost: 20,000 studs
Beating the Tractor Race (see Races & Challenges) unlocks this character. He appears near the pen where you found the tractor. (You'd think a farmer would at least have a shovel, but unfortunately this one doesn't.)

Mola RamMola Ram
Ability: Thuggee Chant  Equipment: Black Sleep  Cost: 500,000 studs
When you've completed the final Story Level drop down into the canyon below the two bridges. There you'll find the bits to build Mola Ram's minifigure. Put him together, fight him and you'll then be able to unlock him.

(Click any of the screenshots below to enlarge.)

Shanghai Hoodlum
Shanghai Hoodlum


Pankot Assassin
Pankot Assassin

Thuggee Acolyte
Thuggee Acolyte

British Commander
British Commander

Lao Che
Lao Che

Village Elder
Village Elder

Dancing Girl
Dancing Girl

Indian Farmer
Indian Farmer
Mola Ram
Mola Ram

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