Crystal Skull Part 3 – Treasure Level 1: Campfire Countdown

True Adventurer: 20,000 studs
Character types needed: High Jump (Female), Sword, Whip
Unlocks: Nothing

LEVEL ENTRANCE: Since you can only use 2 characters in each Treasure Level, you'll need Indiana Jones (whip) and Agent Spalko (female with sword) here. (For help unlocking Spalko, see the Characters page.) To get back to the 1st Level entrance at the top of the map, either climb the rope near the 1st Bonus Level entrance or take any vehicle and drive up the road at the top right corner of the map. Drive onto the orange button to lower the gate. Now you can get back into the starting area. The entrance to this level is the same as the 1st Story Level: the archway made of branches just beyond the gate and button. See the Hub Maps and Treasure Level Intro for details and screenshots.

Clearing with Quicksand at Night

You return to the setting of the Repair Scare Story Level. Now it's dark and all the ants are sleeping. ;) The only major hazards are the quicksand pit separating the back left corner of the area from the rest and the sheer drop-off along the front edge of the clearing.

First, take a few minutes to smash the plants and other LEGO objects and gather the loose studs. Even without treasure multipliers, it won't take too long to achieve "True Adventurer" here.

To get the Artifact, you must use the various torches to light 10 campfires. A few of these piles of LEGO "sticks" are sitting out in the open; a few are hidden. You can light them in any order, but here's a list of all 10. (Note that if you happen to drop a torch, it will usually stay where it lands so you can pick it up again. If it goes off the edge or into the quicksand, it will reappear wherever you found it.)

When you light the last fire, the Artifact appears and the level ends.

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