Crystal Skull Part 3 – Treasure Level 2: Riverside Rush

True Adventurer: 250,000 studs
Character types needed: Any
Unlocks: Nothing

LEVEL ENTRANCE: Riverside Rush is a vehicle level, so you can use any two characters. To enter, return to the starting area at the top of the map. Then go through the archway made of LEGO branches on the left. See the Hub Maps and Treasure Level Intro if necessary.

Riverbank and Surrounding Roads at Night

This level is basically the same as the River Ruckus Story Level, except that instead of fighting enemies you need to find and pop 10 blue balloons in order to get the Artifact. The location of each balloon is shown in the screenshots below. There are several different vehicles available—more if you unlock them on the hub map—but you really only need the Car Boat to get them all.

In order to achieve 100% completion in the game, you'll also need to unlock "True Adventurer" by collecting 250,000 studs. This isn't too hard here, especially with one or two treasure multiplying Extras turned on. Be sure to get the clusters of studs in the bushes to the left of the starting point, in the top left corner, along the lower left edge of the map, and near the waterfall on the left—both on the road behind it and in the water at the base of the falls.

I've listed all the balloon locations below, but the screenshot version of this walkthrough may be helpful if you're having trouble locating any of them.

The Artifact appears in front of the same waterfall where you found Balloons #9 and #10, at the top center of the map. (It can be found here even if you pop the balloons in a different order than I did.) Swim or drive out to the Artifact to finish the level.

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