Crystal Skull Part 3 – Treasure Level 4: Tie Up High Up

True Adventurer: 30,000 studs
Character types needed: Explosives, Whip
Unlocks: Nothing

LEVEL ENTRANCE: The entrance is the same as for the 4th Story Level: the smaller of the two pyramids in the open area beyond the skull-shaped cave. To play it, you'll need Indiana Jones and the Russian Officer. See the Characters page if you need help unlocking the Officer. Check the Hub Maps and Treasure Level Intro if you're not sure where to go.

Pyramid Exterior

Once again, you return to the scene of the corresponding Story Level after dark. Just inside are 2 red buttons on the floor. These don't appear to do anything. . . yet. Begin by using the Russian Officer's bazooka to blow up the 2 silver cages on either side of the doorway. This reveals 2 more buttons. You'll need to press all 4 to get the Artifact.

First, head down the stairs, picking up the various stud clusters as you go. (There's a purple stud about halfway down on the far left.) Then take a few minutes to smash up all the plants and debris in in the clearing in front of the temple. It shouldn't take too long to reach "True Adventurer." If the Ugha warriors get in your way, you can fight them, but they should leave you alone for the most part.

Now it's time to go after the Artifact. As silly as it sounds, the level name—"Tie Up High Up"—tells exactly what you need to do: Tie up a couple of Ugha warriors with Indy's whip, drag them to the top of the pyramid and drop them onto the buttons. Once you've lassoed an Ugha warrior (by holding the Attack button, aiming and releasing the button), just jump up the pyramid steps, dragging the warrior behind you. When you reach the top, press Use to detach the whip. Press Use again to pick up the warrior. Then press it once more to drop him on one of the buttons.

Return to the base of the pyramid to get a second warrior. Drag him up the steps and drop him on the second button. Now use Indy and the Russian Officer to stand on the 2 buttons on the ledges. When all 4 buttons turn green, the Artifact falls from the ledge above. Just touch it to end the level.

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