Crystal Skull Part 3 – Treasure Level 5: Pit of Peril

True Adventurer: 40,000 studs*
Character types needed: Explosives, Spear
Unlocks: Nothing

*I'm not sure of the exact stud count for True Adventurer in this level. However, since most of the studs here are purple, you won't have any trouble getting there the first time through.

LEVEL ENTRANCE: The entrance is the same as for the last Story Level: the large pyramid in the open area beyond the skull-shaped cave. In order to complete the level and get the Artifact, you'll need the Russian Officer and the Ugha Warrior. See the Characters page if you need help unlocking either of them. Check the Hub Maps and Treasure Level Intro if you're not sure where to go.

Flooded Pit

This level takes place in the final area where you fought Spalko in the Akator Ambush level. This time there are no enemies, just a lot of rushing water and a few slippery, stone ledges.

Begin by using the Ugha warrior to throw spears into the 2 sockets above and to the right of the entrance. Switch to the Russian Officer and use his bazooka to blow up the silver rocks on the ledge to the right. Underneath is a red button. Use the spears to climb up there. Step on the button to lower the water level, revealing more ledges.

(I'm sorry these screenshots aren't clearer. All the falling water makes it difficult to see the various sockets and ledges. Be sure to click the thumbnail pictures to see the larger screenshots. Hopefully, along with the written instructions, they'll help a little.)

Jump down and swim to the ledges on the far right. Have the warrior climb out and plant a spear in the socket. Then have the Russian use the spear to reach the ledge with the silver stones. Blow them up to reveal another red button, which you can then step on to lower the water level a little more.

Switch back to the warrior and swim across to the left side of the pool. Climb out on the rock ledges and throw spears into the 2 sockets above and to the left. Use them to reach the next ledge. Then throw one more spear into the socket above. Switch back to the Russian and climb up to the ledge with the silver stones. Blow them up and step on the button to drain the rest of the water from the pit.

Drop down to the bottom of the pit. The Artifact is sitting in plain sight, but before you pick it up, wade around the perimeter of the room to find 6 purple studs—more than enough to unlock "True Adventurer." Then climb the steps to the artifact to end the level.

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