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LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures - Introduction

LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures box art

This fun, family game lets players relive the three original Indiana Jones adventures. . . LEGO style. Along with whip-cracking, enemy-smashing action, there's plenty of madcap humor, lots of LEGO objects and vehicles to build and use, puzzles to solve, ruins to raid and secrets to discover—and naturally an awesome soundtrack as well!

LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures is rated E10+ by the ESRB (recommended for players 10 and older) for cartoon violence. All of the action and excitement are still there, but the more harrowing scenes from the films have been toned down and the humor cranked up. Indy does fight enemies with fists, whip and the occasional gun or rocket launcher, but there's no blood or gore. When characters "die" they fly apart in a hail of LEGO bits. Players have unlimited "lives" so the good guys respawn right away to continue the adventure. Even so, there's still plenty to challenge more experienced gamers. Achieving 100% completion requires skill and dedication. . . and maybe a little help from a good walkthrough. ;)

One warning: Like the other LEGO video games, LEGO Indiana Jones does not include a save-anywhere feature. In Free Play mode you can quit in the middle of a level and still save any treasures and studs you've collected, but in Story Mode you must complete each level in a single sitting. This can be a problem for some people—especially kids with limited patience or gaming time.

My detailed visual walkthrough is designed for players of all ages. Advanced players can follow the text. Beginning readers will find dozens of helpful screenshots for each level. I encourage parents and older siblings to play co-op with younger kids and enjoy Indy's adventures together.

LEGO Indiana Jones is available for most game systems: Macintosh and Windows PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 2 and 3, PlayStation Portable (PSP), Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS. All versions include both single-player and two-player co-op modes.*

For additional details, including more game features and PC system specifications, please visit the official LucasArts site.

Gameplay Modes [jump to top]

The game begins with the first Story Level, Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Lost Temple. When you complete it, you can choose to continue with the next level or return to Barnett College, Indy's home base and the game's hub. From then on, you can access new and previously completed levels through the bulletin boards in the Main Hall at the college.

There are two game modes in LEGO Indiana Jones: Story and Free Play. You must complete each level in Story Mode first to unlock it for Free Play.

STORY MODE – As the name suggests, this is where you play through the events in the Indiana Jones movies in order. You control Indy and usually just one other character—someone who would normally appear in that sequence. In a single-player game, you can switch between those two characters by pressing the Free Tag button. In a two-player, co-op game, one player controls each character. Occasionally you'll have control of three characters, as in most of The Temple of Doom, when you control Indy, Wille and Short Round.

FREE PLAY – When replaying a level in Free Play, you'll choose your main character from among those you've unlocked so far. Then the game selects a group of characters with varying abilities to support your main. You'll still have control over only two characters at any time, but you'll be able to toggle either character to any member of the group. The more you play, the more characters you'll unlock, and the better selection you'll have for Free Play. (See the Characters page for more info.)

Collectibles [jump to top]

There are several collectible items in LEGO Indiana Jones. These are described below. To check your progress during any level, just press Pause/Escape. This brings up the pause menu and displays the important items you've found so far.

StudSTUDS – Most objects in the game world release studs when smashed. Studs are used to purchase bonuses, such as Characters and Extras. The counter at the top left corner of the screen shows how many studs you've collected so far in the current level. There are various types of LEGO Studs, each with a different value: Silver: 10, Gold: 100, Blue: 1,000 and Purple: 10,000.

LEGO Stud-finding Tips:

True Adventurer in The Well of Souls"True Adventurer" status can be achieved in each level by collecting a certain number of studs. The exact number varies for each level and is included in the walkthrough. The yellow stud meter at the top of the screen shows your progress. Once you've collected enough studs and filled that meter, the words "True Adventurer" flash across the screen. The meter then remains full even if you subsequently lose some studs. Getting True Adventurer for all levels is one factor in achieving 100% completion.

HeartHEARTS – Some items and enemies release hearts when they are destroyed. Hearts restore your character's health when you pick them up.

ArtifactARTIFACTS – Each level in the three main storylines contains 10 artifact pieces, which look like golden treasure chests. Many artifact pieces can be collected in Story Mode, but some are only accessible in Free Play. When you've collected all 10 pieces in a given level, you complete the artifact for that level, which is then placed on display in the Artifact Room at Barnett College. Completing artifacts gives you a stud bonus at the end of each level. It also helps unlock Bonus Levels and achieve 100% completion. (See the Artifacts page for more information.)

ParcelPARCELS – Each level also includes a hidden parcel and mailbox. Find the parcel and mail it back to Barnett College. Then, when you've finished the level, return to the Mail Room at the college and use the studs you've collected to pay the postage due and unlock the useful Extra that parcel contains. (Again, see Parcels & Extras for details.)

Weapons & Special Items [jump to top]

WEAPONS - Indy's main tool and weapon throughout the game is his trusty whip. You'll never be without it. In Free Play you'll control characters with other weapons, and occasionally you'll be able to pick up weapons dropped by defeated enemies. These include spears, swords, crossbows, pistols, machine guns, grenades and even bazookas. When an enemy drops his weapon, you'll need to move fast to pick it up before it disappears. Borrowed weapons last for just a limited time. Once they've been thrown or run out of ammo, they disappear.

Using Weapons:

TOOLS, KEYS & MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS - Some characters have abilities that allow them to do specialized jobs or access otherwise restricted areas, but even characters without special abilities can sometimes do these things if they have the right tools. The list below tells what various tools and objects do. See the Characters page for more info on Special Abilities.

NOTE: Except for the tools that come with the character (e.g., Indy's whip, Satipo's shovel, etc.), a character can usually carry only one object at a time. So picking up a second item causes them to drop the first one. If you need more than one tool or special item, you can always have the second playable character carry it.

100% Completion [jump to top]

Several feats are required in order to achieve 100% completion. For details and tips, check out the Xbox 360 Achievements page. Even if you're not playing the Xbox version, the requirements for the "Fortune & glory kid" achievement explains exactly how to get 100%.

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