LEGO Indiana Jones - Controls

In case you've misplaced your instruction manual or bought/rented a used game that didn't come with a booklet, here's a list of the basic controls for all systems. The early levels of the game include tutorials for all controls, and my walkthroughs have tips for sections where the new controls are introduced.

PDF instruction manuals for most versions of the game can be found on the Downloads page.

If anyone can share a list of Macintosh controls, I'd be grateful.

Control PC Player 1 PC Player 2 PS2/PS3 PSP Wii Xbox 360
Move, Steer, Aim W/A/S/D Arrow Keys Left Analog Stick Analog Stick/D-Pad Control Stick Left Analog Stick
Jump/Select Menu Item U Num 5 X X A A
Use, Switch Weapon or Tool J Num 2 Circle Circle Z B
Go Back/Cancel J Num 2 Circle Circle B B
Attack H Num 1 Square Square Swing Remote/B X
Free Tag, Get on/off Vehicle or Animal K Num 3 Triangle Triangle C Y
Toggle Characters
(Free Play)
Left Ctrl/Space Right Ctrl/Num 0 L1/R1 L/R 1/2 LB/RB
Pause Enter Num Enter Start Start + Start
Co-op Game*
F2/Num Enter Start N/A + Start

*To Join or Drop Out of a Co-op Game: In the the PC version, press F2 on the keyboard to join. To drop out, press the Enter key and select Drop-Out from the Pause menu. On the consoles, press the Start button on the second controller (+ on the second Wii controller) to join. To drop out, press the same button again and choose Drop Out from the Pause menu. There is no co-op mode on PSP.

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