Crystal Skull Part 1 – Story Level 5: Crane Train

True Adventurer: 25,000 studs
Characters: Indiana Jones, Mutt
Unlocks: Crystal Skull Part 2, Raiders of the Lost Ark

LEVEL ENTRANCE: After the Motorbike Mayhem level, Indy and Mutt end up back on the streets of the College Town area. Return to the railroad crossing where you began the 1st Story Level. Again, a green arrow pointing into the open train car shows the way. (This location is also shown on the Hub Maps and Story Level Intro.)

Moving Trains

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The level begins with Indy and Mutt standing atop a moving train. The Russian soldier at the controls of the crane on the adjacent train is intent on pummeling our heroes. Try to avoid being hit as you complete the rest of this short level.

Move to either end of the train and jump off, snagging the valuable purple stud floating in the air. In single-player mode, if you quickly press Free Tag to switch characters, you can avoid losing any studs as the character who jumped falls onto the tracks. Repeat this at the other end of the train for an extra 20,000+ studs (10K for each purple, plus a few extra). After that, it won't take long to achieve "True Adventurer."

LEGO Indiana Jones 2 screenshot
Have one character jump off each end of the train to grab the 10,000-point purple stud.
LEGO Indiana Jones 2 screenshot
Quickly switch characters to avoid losing studs when the first dies.

Next, concentrate on destroying the cranes: Use Indy's whip to target the orange ring between the crane arms and swing out between the trains. Then jump to grab the dangling chain on the left. (It doesn't really matter which chain you pull first. You'll need to use both eventually, but I found it a little easier to start with one on the left.) When Indy pulls the left chain, it lowers the left crane onto the first train. In the process, Indy will be swept back over to the train. The crane arm only stays down for a few moments though. So quickly switch characters or move Indy closer to the clawed section at the end of the crane arm and attack it to break off one of the 3 claws. Repeat this process twice to disable the left crane and detach an orange ring, which you'll be able to use shortly.

LEGO Indiana Jones 2 screenshot
Use Indy's whip to target the orange ring.

LEGO Indiana Jones 2 screenshot
Swing out and jump over to the chain on the left.

LEGO Indiana Jones 2 screenshot
When the crane arm comes down, attack the clawed end. . .

LEGO Indiana Jones 2 screenshot
. . . to knock off one of the claws.

LEGO Indiana Jones 2 screenshot
Knock off the other 2 claws the same way
to detach an orange ring.

Now for the second crane. Again use Indy's whip to grab the orange ring on the boom protruding from the crane control cab and swing out. This time, jump over to the dangling chain on the right. This lowers the right crane temporarily so you can attack it like you did the first. When you've succeeded in knocking the 3 claws off the right crane, you'll see a blue disk with sparks coming out of it. Move Mutt in close and press Use to repair the blue disk, revealing a green disk.

Pick up the orange ring you knocked off the left crane and attach it to the green disk on the right crane. The crane then rises up and you can use Indy's whip to snag the ring. As Indy dangles from the crane by his whip, the crane rises up. Jump to the left to land inside the control cab. Switch from whip to fists by pressing the Use button, since whipping the crane operator has no effect. Then punch him once to end the level.

LEGO Indiana Jones 2 screenshot
Knock the claws off the crane on the right to reveal a blue disk.

LEGO Indiana Jones 2 screenshot
Use Mutt to repair the disk.

LEGO Indiana Jones 2 screenshot
Attach the orange ring to the green disk.

LEGO Indiana Jones 2 screenshot
Have Indy whip-swing out on the new orange ring.

LEGO Indiana Jones 2 screenshot
Jump into the cab and punch the crane operator.

When you finish this level, you'll unlock the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Part 2, Raiders of the Lost Ark and Creator playsets. You can then choose to continue the story by opening the new Crystal Skull playset, return to Part 1 to play the Treasure and Bonus Levels, or open one of the other new playsets instead. You don't have to play the game in any particular order. You can go back and forth among all the playsets you've unlocked so far, and the studs you've found in each playset carry over to the others.

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