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Nintendo DS - Last Crusade Level 2: The Tomb of Sir Richard

Story Mode Characters: Indiana Jones, Dr. Elsa Schneider, Dr. Marcus Brody
Characters Unlocked: Dr. Elsa Schneider, Kazim (Venice), Knight of the Cruciform Sword (Venice), Walter Donovan (Tuxedo)
Free Play Skills Needed: Bottle Throwing, Digger, Military, Pet Monkey, Scholar, Small Size, Thuggee
True Adventurer: Story 80,000 studs · Free Play 96,000 studs
Red Brick Reward: BOTCS Access Panel Mini-Game (20,000 studs)

Area 1: Venetian Library

Smash the bookshelves near the start and build a whip pad. Use it to climb to the ledge above. Use the whip pad on the ledge to swing across to the chandelier. Swing from the left whip pad here to the next ledge, where you'll find artifact piece (1/10). Hop down to the floor.

FREE PLAY: On the ledge above the first whip pad, smash the bookshelves and build a military access panel. Use it to open the door next to it. Inside, fight 2 members of the Brotherhood of the Cruciform Sword. Switch to a character with a pet monkey. Stand on the red pad and transform into the creature. Climb up into the rafters and step on the floor button to lower a rope. Hop down and change back into a human. Then have both characters climb the rope and pull the 2 levers to open the bars in front of artifact piece (2/10). Grab it and return to the library.

Use the Thuggee access panel to the right of the stained glass window to open the nearby door. Inside, fight 2 more Brothers. On the upper level, where the enemies were standing, smash the tapestries on the left to get studs and artifact piece (3/10). Smash the table on the right to get map piece (1/3).

Then activate the scholar and BOTCS access panels to open a secret tunnel beneath the crypt. Enter the tunnel below and fight 2 more Brotherhood members. Switch to a character with a shovel and dig up the sparkling area to get the bits to build a large square button. Stand on it to reveal another scholar access panel on the left. When you approach it, 2 more brothers attack. Use the scholar panel to get artifact piece (4/10).

Grab the burning torch on the floor to the right. Use it to light the brazier in the middle of the room. Then have a character that throws bottles toss one at the burning brazier to reveal map piece (2/3).

Return to the right to the previous room. Then move to the foreground to re-enter the library.

In the room on the right, smash the bookshelves on the back wall to find map piece (3/3). If you found the others in Free Play, you'll get artifact piece (5/10) now as well.

Smash the freestanding bookcases and use the leftover LEGO bits to build 4 long benches. Doing this causes a treasure chest to appear on the dais to the right. Inside is a blue brick (x/3). Grab it and carry it back to the blue pad near the start.

In the room on the left, smash the furniture and build 6 floor buttons, 3 on each side of the room. Stand on each of the buttons to raise the statues against the back wall, revealing 6 unlit torches. Pick up the wooden torch lying on the floor. Light it on the burning brazier and use it to light the 6 wall torches. When you do, the red brick appears near the brazier.

Stand on each of the 2 whip pads and use Indy's whip to pull the levers the knight statues are holding to get another blue brick (2/3). Drop it on the blue pad as well.

Go through the door to the left of the stained glass window. In the next room, stand on the elevator platform and pull the lever to ride up to the level above. Jump off on the right. (If you fall down while the elevator is still raised, pull the lever on the left to call it down again.) Follow the stone steps up and around to the left to get some studs. Then return halfway down the steps and jump to grab the dangling rope. Leap from the rope to the higher ledge on the right and step on the floor button to make another blue brick (3/3) appear near the stained glass window in the main room.

Return there, grab the brick and drop it on blue the pad. Use the bits that appear to build a marble "X" on the floor and trigger a cut scene.

Area 2: Catacombs

Marcus Brody remains up above, so you now control just Indy and Elsa. Try not to fall in the water as you jump across the floating coffins to the ledge on the right.

Make your way along the back wall all the way to the right. Smash the brown box and place the dynamite on the brick wall. Then press the red plunger to destroy the wall. Use Elsa to operate the scholar access panel. Then solve the mini-game to open a door off to the left. Notice the 2 floor buttons here. The metal cages around each one prevent you from using them just yet.

When you open the door with the scholar panel, another pair of Brothers approaches. Fight them and then head to the left and go through the door you just opened.

In the next room, head to the left and deal with 2 more Brothers. Hop across the channel to the foreground and smash the coffins there to get a blue brick (1/3). Carry it to the blue pad in the background and drop it there.

Push the box with handles along the checkerboard tiles to the left. Use it to jump up into the big pipe with water flowing out of it. There's another blue brick (2/3) sitting in the flowing water. It's a bit hard to see. So just move around until you see the brick on the touch screen. Then you can grab it and carry it back to the pad.

Go all the way to the left and push the wall button there. A pile of white bits falls from above. Use these to build a skeleton and get the final blue brick (3/3). Drop it on the pad. Then build a handle and pull it to raise the cage over one of the floor buttons near the floor buttons near the scholar access panel in the other room.

When you do this, 2 more Brotherhood members attack. Deal with them. Then go to the right, cross the wooden bridge and stand on the large square button to raise the cage surrounding the second floor button in the other room.

FREE PLAY: Smash the coffins near the blue pad and build a crawlspace. Send a small character through to reach artifact piece (6/10) on the ledge above.

Return through the archway on the back wall to the previous room, where another pair of Brothers is waiting to ambush you.

FREE PLAY: Most of this can be done in Story Mode, but you won't be able to get the artifact piece. Jump across the water-filled channel to the area in the foreground. Head to the left and stand on the floor button to slide aside the coffin on the back wall, revealing a lever. Move farther to the left, stand on the whip pad and use Indy's whip to pull the lever, opening the nearby door.

Inside, fight another BOTCS guy and go to the left. Use the whip pad to swing over to the background. Smash a couple more brotherhood members. Smash the skeleton on the right, build a lever and pull it to drain the pool. Hop down, dig a wooden crate out of the sparkling patch and smash it to get artifact piece (7/10). Return to the main area through the doorway on the right.

Return to the right and step on the 2 floor buttons near the scholar access panel. This triggers a cut scene.

Area 3: Speedboat Chase

Steer your speedboat along the canals, collecting studs and avoiding obstacles.

Shoot at the gray boats by pressing Y. Destroy 6 enemy boats to obtain artifact piece (8/10). The counter at the bottom left corner of the touch screen keeps track of how many boats you've shot.

In the second speedboat section (after the fade to black), stay to the right at the fork. When the right branch rejoins the left, make a U-turn to the left and drive up the wooden ramp in the middle of the channel to an elevated pool. Drive down screen to a big cluster of studs, at the center of which you'll find artifact piece (9/10). There's another ramp in the bottom right corner of this pool, which you can use to get back to the main canal. I found it easier to go for artifacts #8 and #10 on one pass, then #9 on a separate run.

Near the end of the course, as drive between the 2 big ships. Maintain your speed so you don't get squashed, and just before you emerge from between them, artifact piece (10/10) appears.

When the timer runs out, a cut scene ensues and the level ends.

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