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Nintendo DS - Last Crusade Level 3: Rescue Professor Jones

Story Mode Characters: Indiana Jones, Elsa Scheider, Prof. Henry Jones
Characters Unlocked: Professor Henry Jones, Enemy Soldier, Enemy Bazooka Soldier
Free Play Skills Needed: BOTCS, Bottle Throwing, Digger, Pet Monkey, Thuggee, Small Size
True Adventurer: Story Mode 100,000 studs · Free Play 130,000 studs
Red Brick Reward: Score x6 Extra (1,500,000)

Area 1: Castle Brunwald Entrance Hall

Avoid the edge of the walkway as you explore here. First, break the furniture on the left, build a crank and turn it to reveal a lever. Pull the lever to uncover another lever and let in 2 enemy soldiers. Fight them and then go to the right and pull the second lever to reveal a third. Fight 2 more soldiers, including an officer with a machine gun. Then use the third lever to open the exit.

Before leaving this area, be sure to smash all the furniture and the 2 windows to get artifact piece (1/10). You can use Indy's whip to break the windows, just stand back a bit and crack the whip. (In Free Play mode, use a gun or bottle.)

Area 2: Hall with Paintings

Break the barrels just inside to get map piece (1/3). Go up the left staircase and smash the small box to get a machine gun. Break the other boxes on the left and use the leftover LEGO bits to build a whip pad. Use it to climb to the level above. Break up all the furniture to make artifact piece (2/10) appear down below. Smash the 2 bookshelves as well.

Hop down and follow the landing to the right to get the artifact from the center alcove. Smash the bookshelves on this level too. Smashing all 4 bookcases in this area reveals artifact piece (3/10) behind a small door on the left.

Have Indy use the whip pad on the landing to climb onto the balcony above. Build a rope so Elsa can climb up. Stand on the large square button to flip the rug on the floor below, revealing a map with 3 red buttons and three symbols: ankh, pyramid and grail. One of the paintings on the wall also rotates, showing a picture of a pyramid. Step on the buttons that correspond to the secret pictures as they are revealed: pyramid (middle button), ankh (far button), grail (near button). This opens the 2 silver hatches on the right.

Go to the hatches and pull out the box with handles. Then push it along the checkerboard floor into the left hatch. This reveals a lever. Pull it to lift the box to the level above. Climb up and push the box to the right to open the exit.

Area 3: Castle Rooftop

Stay away from the edge of the walkway as you fight the 2 enemy soldiers on the right. Use the whip pad to swing across the gap. Break the barrel, build a lever and pull it to extend a bridge so Elsa can cross.

Switch to Elsa and use the scholar access panel to rotate the turret. This will enable Indy to use the next whip pad to swing across to the right. Fight 3 enemy soldiers , smash the barrels and build a lever near the whip pad. Pull it to extend a bridge for Elsa. Go down the steps on the right and have Elsa use the second scholar access panel to lower a rope. Climb up to the exit.

FREE PLAY: Several parts of this area can only be reached in Free Play. On the first walkway, break the chest to the left of the barred door and build a Thuggee access panel. Use a Thuggee character to activate it and open the bars. This corridor leads to a parapet with a red pad. Have a character with a pet monkey use the pad to transform. Then climb the vines to reach the red brick. Return down the ramp to the previous area.

Hop down to the ledge below the first scholar access panel. Smash the crate and barrel and build a crawlspace and dangling rope. Send a small character through the crawlspace on the ledge below. Smash the barrels on the left to get artifact piece (4/10). Return through the crawlspace and climb the rope.

Smash the chest next to the second scholar access panel and build another crawlspace. Switch to a small character to get through. On the next ledge, there are several fans, which will blow you off the ledge if get close. The first fan is not moving. Smash it and use the leftover bits to build a fan that points upward. Step onto it and blow into the microphone to lift your character onto the ledge above.

Jump across the ledges to the right. Hop down, smash the barrel and build a lever. Pull it to destroy the fans, revealing artifact piece (5/10). Return to the left and go back through the crawlspace.

Area 4: Castle Library

After the cut scene you control Indy and Henry Jones Sr. Fight the 2 enemy soldiers that appear in the fireplace. If you need a bigger weapon, break the chests on the right to get a sword. Smash the piano on the left to get map piece (2/3).

Break the table in the left alcove and build a whip pad. Use it to climb onto the ledge above. Build a lever and pull it to lower the red shield on the wall and rotate the secret panel in the fireplace, allowing 2 more solders in. Jump down and deal with them.

Pulling the lever above also created a whip pad on the right. Use it to climb onto the ledge above. Build another lever and pull it to lower the red shield so it falls off the wall and breaks. Use the leftover LEGO bits to build a military access panel.

Use the wardrobe on the right to disguise one of your characters as a soldier. Then return to the access panel and use it to open the secret panel in the fireplace. Go through.

FREE PLAY: Before leaving this area break the furniture in the right alcove to reveal another whip pad and trapdoor. Use Indy's whip to open the trapdoor and drop through. Switch to a character with a shovel and dig up artifact piece (6/10) from the sparkling area on the basement floor. Return up the stairs and exit the Library through the fireplace.

Area 5: Radio Room

Fight a soldier and an enemy radio operator. Run to the right side of the room and take out another soldier there.

Break the boxes in the alcove on the left to obtain map piece (3/3). If you've found the other maps earlier, you'll get artifact piece (7/10) now as well.

Climb the green crates to reach the high ledge in the middle of the room.

FREE PLAY: On the middle ledge with the green crates, use a Brotherhood character to activate the BOTCS access panel and open the door. In the next room, smash the barrel to get a blue brick (1/3) and drop it on the blue pad. Pick up the wooden torch, light it on the brazier on the left and use it to light the other brazier on the right. Throw bottles at the braziers to uncover 2 more blue bricks (2/3 and 3/3). Drop them on the blue pad as well.

A cannon falls from above along with 2 piles of LEGO bits, which you can use to build 2 levers. Pull the left lever to aim then the right to fire a cannonball into one of the pipes in the wall. Then pull the right lever to aim and the left lever to fire another cannonball into the other pipe. The bars then open so you can get artifact piece (8/10). Return to the main area through the hallway on the left.

Use Henry Jones Sr.'s umbrella to slide from the gray pad down the cable to the stack of green crates on the right. Have dad push the box with handles off the edge so Indy can use it to climb up. Hop down on the right.

Pull the lever to open a secret panel on the right, revealing a handle. Pull it to open one of the silver hatches on the floor. Step on the button under the hatch. This reveals a lever that looks broken but still works. Use the whip pad to pull the lever, opening another hatch. Step on the second button to open the third panel. Pull the handle there to pop the third hatch. Step on the third button.

Stepping on all three buttons opens the spiral staircase in the floor. Drop in to exit this area.

Area 6: Motorcycle Escape

After the cut scene, Indy and his dad are driving down country roads in a motorcycle with a sidecar. Collect studs and shoot at enemy motorcycles by pressing Y. If you manage to blow up 10 enemy bikes (as shown by the counter at the bottom left corner of the touch screen), you get artifact piece (9/10).

To get artifact piece (10/10), follow the road to the end, where there's a barrier made of wood and barbed wire. Then turn around and head straight back along the road. At the fork, don't take either road. Instead drive straight into the field. Shoot the wooden barriers and the artifact will appear.

When the timer at the bottom right corner of the touch screen runs out, the level ends.

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