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Nintendo DS - Last Crusade Level 5:
Canyon of the Crescent Moon

Story Mode Characters: Indiana Jones, Professor Henry Jones, Sallah
Characters Unlocked: Kazim (Desert), Knight of the Cruciform Sword (Desert), Colonel Vogel
Free Play Skills Needed: Bottle Throwing, Military, Pet Monkey, Small Size, Thuggee
True Adventurer: Story Mode 40,000 studs · Free Play 46,000 studs
Red Brick Reward: Score x10 (3,000,000 studs)

Area 1: Canyon

Climb onto the ledge on the right. Break the box, build a whip pad and use it to reach the small, high ledge on the left. Grab artifact piece (1/10) and return to the ledge on the right.

Switch to Sallah. Smash the boulder at the base of the ramp and sparkling patch beneath it to find the bits for a TNT plunger. Build it and press it to detonate the explosives. Follow the ramp upward and to the right.

FREE PLAY: Smash the boulder to the right of the barred tunnel and build a military access panel. Toggle to a character in uniform and use the panel to open the bars. Go through into a small cave. Smash the boulders and build a bull's-eye target. Push the crate into the far left corner of the checkerboard tiled area. Then shoot or throw a bottle at the target to drop a boulder onto the crate, breaking it and revealing artifact piece (2/10). Return to the main area.

Head to the right and go through the tunnel opening without bars over it. Inside, blow out all the wall torches to reveal a blue pad. Break the box in the shallow pit to get a blue brick (1/3) Break the boulder in the far right corner to get another blue brick (3/3). Finally, use a bottle-throwing character to toss a bottle at the burning brazier, destroying the silver bricks and revealing another blue brick (3/3). Place all of the bricks on the pad. Then use the golden bits to build artifact piece (3/10). Return through the tunnel on the left to the main area.

Continue to the right and use the fan to blow Indy onto the ledge above. Build a whip pad and use it to reach the next higher ledge. Step on the red button to lower a rope so Jones Senior can climb up. Use his umbrella to slide from the gray pad down the zip line to the right. Switch to Sallah and dig up the sparkling patch to find the bits for a TNT plunger. (There's also a button here you can use to extend a rope, in so the character below can climb up.) Build the plunger and press it top open the exit. Climb the rope in the background to get to it.

Area 2: Second Canyon

Climb the ledges in the back right corner. Have Sallah dig up a gray pad. Switch to Henry Jones and use his umbrella to slide down the zip line to the ledge on the left. Build a bridge so the other character can cross.

FREE PLAY: On the same ledge where you build the bridge, build a Thuggee access panel as well. Toggle to a Thuggee character and use the panel to open the barred door. Inside, use a small character to navigate the crawlspaces. On the lowest level, use the crawlspace on the left. On the second level, use the one on the far left. On the third level, smash the boulder to get map piece (1/3). Then use the crawlspace second from left. On the fourth level, use the middle crawlspace of the three on the left to reach the small top ledge. Smash the crate to get the red brick inside. Hop down and return to the main area through the opening on the left.

On the same ledge where you build the wooden bridge, climb the dangling rope. Jump across to the ledge on the right. Wait for a boulder to fall from above and then cross this ledge and jump to the next one on the right. Exit through the tunnel at the top right.

Area 3: Canyon with Mud Pit

Use the whip pad to swing across the mud pit to the right. Use the second whip pad to climb to the ledge above. Push the box with handles off the ledge with the checkerboard tiles so the other character can use it to climb up. Then use the dangling rope to reach the next ledge. Switch to Sallah and dig the bits for another TNT plunger out of the sparkling dirt. Push the plunger to destroy the rock formation on the right. Jump over to the ledge on the right.

FREE PLAY: Before leaving this area, build a military access panel and use it to open the bars. Inside is a cave with a deadly blue pool. Smash the boulders around the edge of the pool to find a blue brick (1/3) and the bits for a crawlspace. Switch to a small character to go through. On the ledge above, pull the lever to drain the pool. Then hop down and smash the 2 boulders that were underwater to obtain more blue bricks (2/3 and 3/3). Drop all of the bricks on the blue pad to get a pile of golden bits. Use them to build artifact piece (4/10). Return to the main area.

Follow the ledge on the right around toward the foreground. Smash the brown shrub to get map piece (2/3). Return along the ledge and exit through the tunnel on the right.

Area 4: Canyon with Soldiers

Fight 3 enemy soldiers just inside. Break the brown boxes against the back wall to get a bazooka. Fight 2 more soldiers a little farther to the right. Smash the brown bushes to the right of the green vines to get map piece (3/3). If you found the other maps as well, you'll get artifact piece (5/10) now.

Head to the right. When you come to the truck blocking the path, move to the edge of the canyon and hop down onto the small ledge with the whip pad on it. Whip swing past the truck. When you do, the truck crashes into the canyon so the other character can pass.

Fight another soldier and an officer in the area beyond the truck. Smash the box near the lever and build a machine gun. Pull the lever to shoot the boulders blocking the path to the right. Don't go through until you have everything you need here, since you can't get back from the next area.

Move to the edge of the canyon in the foreground, just to the right of the machine gun, to spot artifact piece (6/10) on a small ledge below. Grab it and jump back up.

FREE PLAY: Break up the shrubs behind the machine gun to reveal a red pad. Have a character with a pet monkey stand on the pad and press A to transform. Then, as the monkey, return to the left and climb the green vines to get artifact piece (7/10).

Exit through the gap in the rocks on the far right to trigger a cut scene.

Area 5: Moving Truck Convoy

Go to the right and jump onto the next truck in the convoy. Climb on top of it and jump over to the truck in the background. Fight a pair of soldiers and then make your way forward, hopping from vehicle to vehicle, until you're able to jump into the back of an open truck. Deal with the 2 soldiers inside. Then smash the boxes to find artifact piece (8/10). Pull the box with handles away from the hole in the wall. Go through to emerge outside, on top of the truck.

Move toward the boxes at the front of the truck bed, but instead of climbing up, jump onto the hood of the next truck in the foreground. Climb on top and head for the back of this truck, where you'll find the bits to build artifact piece (9/10).

Make your way back to the front of this truck, jump back onto the truck in the background (i.e., the one with the boxes). Then make your way forward to a truck with some boxes and loose bits in the back.

FREE PLAY: Use the loose LEGO bits to build a crawlspace. Toggle to a small sized character to fit through. Grab artifact piece (10/10) in the cage beneath the boxes and return through the crawlspace.

Climb on top of the tan and green boxes. Move to the front and wait for another truck to approach. Jump onto it. Cross over the top of this truck toward the front and jump onto the next truck in the foreground. Smack the 2 soldiers. Then build a whip pad and use Indy's whip to pull the lever on the adjacent truck, causing the back of the truck to tilt.

Move to the rear of the truck you're standing on now. Wait for the one behind it to move closer and jump onto it. Wait for it to move toward the truck with the tilted bed and then jump over there. Deal with 2 more soldiers. Then continue jumping from truck to truck toward the front of the convoy.

Area 6: Boss Fight Colonel Vogel

A short cut scene shows more soldiers approaching by truck. Once you've defeated them, the level Boss: Colonel Vogel arrives riding on top of a tank. Jump over to the truck nearer to the tank and stand at the edge closest to Vogel. When he starts throwing explosive barrels, use Indy's whip to deflect them back at him. After he's taken a hit, he pulls ahead, and you must fight another truckload of soldiers. Repeat this sequence three times in all to defeat Vogel and end the level.

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