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Nintendo DS - Last Crusade Level 4: The Zeppelin

Story Mode Characters: Indiana Jones, Professor Henry Jones
Characters Unlocked: Enemy Officer, Enemy Radio Operator
Free Play Skills Needed: BOTCS, Military, Pet Monkey, Small Size, Thuggee
True Adventurer: Story Mode 55,000 studs · Free Play 85,000 studs
Red Brick Reward: LEGO Logo Survival Mini-Game (50,000 studs)

Area 1: Zeppelin Cabin

As you fight the various enemy soldiers, break the suitcase in the middle of the room to get a pistol. Shoot the 2 bull's-eye targets on the back wall to close the doors so the soldiers stop coming.

FREE PLAY: Use the BOTCS access panel on the left to obtain artifact piece (1/10).

Use the military access panel on the right to open the door. Enter the kitchen and stand on each of the 3 large square buttons to turn off the flames on the stoves, revealing 3 blue bricks. Place these on the blue pad on the right. Then use the LEGO bits to build a crank. Turn it to reveal artifact piece (2/10). Smash the counters on the right to get map piece (1/3). Then return to the main area through the door on the left.

Smash the table on the left and build a set of ledges. Climb to the upper level and shoot another target to shut the door there. Fight any soldiers that have already come in. Smash the potted plant on the left to obtain map piece (2/3).

Break all the glass railings along the edge of the ledge. Build a whip pad on the right and use it to climb onto the ledge above. Smash the glass railings here as well. When you've broken all of the railings on both levels artifact piece (3/10) appears.

On the upper level, build another whip pad and use it to pull the trunk off the ledge. Hop down and use the leftover LEGO bits to build a fan. Step onto it and blow into the mic to lift your character onto the ledge on the left. Hop over to the next ledge and follow it around to the left to find artifact piece (4/10).

Use the fan to lift Jones Senior onto to the ledge on the right. Then use the scholar access panel to open the exit.

Area 2: Engine Room

Hop down and fight 2 enemy soldiers. Smash the barrel at the bottom of the stairs to get map piece (3/3). If you found the other maps earlier, you'll get artifact piece (5/10) now too.

Use the gun you picked up in the previous area to shoot 2 more soldiers on the other side of the pit. Or use Indy's whip to drag them into the pit. If they're too far away to hit, just continue as quickly as possible to avoid taking too many hits.

Use the loose bits to build a dangling rope. Have Jones Senior climb up and use the gray pad to umbrella slide down to the area beyond the gap and fight the 2 soldiers if you weren't able to get them earlier. Then use the bits at the base of the zip line to build a lever. Pull it to extend a ledge so Indy can cross.

FREE PLAY: Use the Thuggee access panel on the left to open the nearby door. In the next room, toggle to a character with a pet monkey, step on the red pad and press A to change into the monkey. Climb the railing to the ledge above. Head to the right, climb down and pull the lever to extend a ledge so the human character can cross.

Switch to the human, build another lever on the right and pull it to make the conveyor belt spit out a box. Break the box and use the leftover bits to build a crawlspace. Toggle to a small sized character and crawl through to find artifact piece (6/10) on the ledge above. Return to the left and exit to the engine room.

Use the military access panel on the right side of the engine room to open a door that leads outside the zeppelin. Go up the ramp and use the whip pad to swing to the ledge on the right. Stand on the fan and blow into the mic to lift Indy up to artifact piece (7/10). Go back inside to the engine room.

Before leaving the engine room, smash all the crates and boxes to obtain the red brick, which appears at the top of the stairs where you entered.

Have both characters step on the large square button on the far right to open the nearby trapdoor. Drop in to trigger a cut scene.

Area 3: Airplane

The on-screen instructions say to pick up as many studs as you can, but if you fly around the zeppelin at a little distance, you'll be able to spot and fire at enemy aircraft. Press Y to shoot. Destroy 3 planes to obtain artifact piece (8/10). Shoot down 6 planes to get artifact piece (9/10). When the timer at the bottom right corner of the touch screen runs out, this section ends.

Area 5: Auto Escape

Follow the tire tracks in the dirt, while avoiding obstacles like boulders, land mines (the round, brown patches) and the bombs dropped by enemy planes. Pick up studs as you go. Artifact piece (10/10) is sitting in plain sight on the road just before the tunnel. Enter the tunnel to trigger a cut scene and the end of the level.

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