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Nintendo DS - Raiders Level 2: Gunfight at the Raven

Story Mode Characters: Indiana Jones, Marion
Characters Unlocked: Both Story Characters (above), Enemy Goon, Sherpa Goon
Free Play Skills Needed: BOTCS, Bottle Throwing, Digger, Military, Pet Monkey, Scholar, Small Size, Umbrella
True Adventurer: Story 45,000 studs · Free Play 60,000 studs
Red Brick Reward: Raven Stud Shove Mini Game (50,000 studs)

Area 1: Marion's Tavern

There are actually four separate Area s inside the tavern, but since each is fairly small, I've combined them into one for the sake of this walkthrough.

You begin the level under attack. Fight the Sherpa goons using Indy's whip to drag them close and punch them. Or have Marion throw bottles from a distance. When you beat the first group, more enemies appear on the balcony. Once you've dealt with them you can explore in peace.

FREE PLAY: Smash the crates in the right foreground to reveal a military access panel. Switch to a character with a military uniform and use the panel to access a mini game, which you must beat to open the nearby trapdoor. Drop into the room below. Use a character that can throw bottles to toss one at the flaming barrel and blast open the wall behind it. Go through to a snowy outdoor Area.

Smash the boxes on the left to get a wooden torch. Light it on the burning barrel and jump up the ledges behind the barrel to ignite the powder keg, which explodes revealing a red pad. Stand a character with a pet monkey here and press A to change into the monkey. Then climb across the frozen vines to artifact piece (1/10). Return to the previous room and upstairs to the bar.

Blow out all 6 torches in the barroom to reveal the red brick. When you're done, climb the stairs and exit through the door at the left end of the balcony.

Move to the right but watch out for the barrels rolling down the stairs. After 2 barrels have passed, run halfway up the stairs and jump into the alcove on the right. Wait for the next pair of barrels to roll down. Then continue to the top of the stairs. The Sherpa who was pushing the barrels jumps down to fight you. Smash him and exit through the door at the top of the stairs.

The next Area is just a small hallway with burning beams. In Story Mode there's not much to do here, so just exit through the door on the right.

FREE PLAY: In the hall with the burning beams is a BOTCS access panel. Switch to a Brotherhood character and solve the mini game to open the door. In the next room, pull the bed to the right to reveal artifact piece (2/10). Return to the hall and continue to the next room.

The BOSS: MAJOR TOHT is standing on the opposite balcony shooting at you. To defeat him, use Marion to throw bottles at each the torches mounted on the balcony just below him. When a bottle hits a torch, it ignites, destroying one section of balcony. When you've destroyed the entire balcony Toht falls and a cut scene ensues.

Area 2: Nepalese Village

After the fight with Toht, Indy and Marion appear outside. As you explore the village, more Sherpa goons attack in pairs. Deal with them as they come. There's a rifle hidden in one of the breakable crates in the middle of the village in case you want it.

Locate the 3 piles of white LEGO bricks and use them to build 3 snowmen. The first pile is near the starting point. The second is just to the right of the first, near the middle of the open Area in front of the buildings. The third is between the houses just to the right of the second. When you've built all 3 snowmen, artifact piece (3/10) appears on one of the rooftops.

Go between the tavern and the building to the right of it. Move all the way to the back of the alley and jump onto the roof on the right to get the artifact. If you like you can jump down the chimney to get some studs inside the house. Move toward the foreground to exit the building.

From the first rooftop, where you found the artifact, you can also jump over to the roof on the right and go down the chimney into that house for more studs.

FREE PLAY: This is optional, since it's possible to reach the rooftops without a monkey (as described above). But if you prefer, you can switch to a character with a pet monkey, stand on the red pad, change to monkey form and climb the frozen vines to the roof.

Bust up the crates on the far left and use the leftover bits to build a crawlspace. Toggle to a small character and go through. On the ledge above, switch to a digger and dig up the bits for an umbrella pad. Build it then switch to a character with an umbrella and slide down to the ledge with map piece (1/3).

Go to the far right end of this Area and throw a bottle at the burning barrel next to the ice boulder. Use the leftover bits to build a cable car that leads to the next Area.

Area 3: Icy Canyon

This section actually comprises several smaller Area s with icy canyons, which I've grouped into one.

More Sherpas attack from the right. Use the rifle if you picked it up or fight them as usual. Use the whip pad to reach the ledge above. Push the small box off the ledge and use the bits to build 3 bull's-eye targets. Shoot them with the rifle or have Marion throw bottles at them. When all turn green, a lift descends from above.

FREE PLAY: Ride the lift upward and jump to the open Area straight ahead, where you'll see a pair of fallen pine trees in the background. Switch to a character with a shovel and dig up a pile of golden bits. Use them to build artifact piece (4/10).

Ride the lift upward and jump to the ledge on the right. Grab the wooden torch, hop down and light it on the flaming barrel on the left. Then use it to ignite the powder keg on the right and clear the ice from the path.

Watch out for falling snowballs ahead. One kills a Sherpa before your eyes. The dark spots on the ground show where the snowballs will fall.

When you reach the snowy ledges ahead, smash the ice chunks to find map piece (2/3). Then use the piles of LEGO bits to build 2 ledges. Climb to the ledge on the right. Step on the whip pad and whip down a pine tree, which you can then use as a bridge to cross the chasm on the right.

Fight another pair of Sherpas. Then climb onto the ledge where they came from and grab the burning torch. Use it to light the barrel on the right, melting the ice around the TNT plunger. Press it to blow up the dynamite, opening the way forward.

FREE PLAY: Before leaving this Area , dig up the sparkling patch to unearth another barrel. Use the same burning torch to light it. Then switch to a character that throws bottles and toss one at this barrel to open a doorway next to it.

In the cave beyond you'll see Luke Skywalker dangling from the ceiling. Run to the right and jump quickly across the metal tiles. If you linger too long, the tiles sink onto the spikes below. Grab the burning torch and jump back to the left. Use the torch to light each of the 4 standing torches. Artifact piece (5/10) appears on the ledge above. Grab it and return outside.

Follow the path around to the right. Fight a few more Sherpas. Then turn the crank to extend a small ledge with a whip pad. Jump onto it and use Indy's whip to pull the lever and extend another ledge. Jump to the highest ledge, stand on the whip pad there and whip down another pine tree, forming a bridge over the next chasm.

FREE PLAY: Before moving on, jump down to the ledges below. Use the red pad to change someone into a monkey and then climb across the frozen vines to artifact piece (6/10). Return to the red pad, change back, and climb up the rope.

Continue to the right. As you fight the next pair of Sherpas avoid the dark patches on the ground, which mark where falling snowballs will land.

Climb the snowy ledges and smash the chunk of ice to obtain map piece (3/3). If you've found the other pieces, you'll get artifact piece (7/10) here as well.

Have Marion toss a bottle at the burning barrel on the right to clear the way. Then continue along the path.

Area 4: Frozen Lake

The next Area is crawling with Sherpa goons. There's one on the path as you enter and more will surround you when you move out onto the frozen lake. Break the crates in the middle of the lake to get a machine gun if you like.

If you're playing in Story Mode and have either achieved True Adventurer or don't care about this, just run for the archway in the background to finish the level. Otherwise, clear out all the enemies so you can explore freely. You won't be able to do everything described in the Free Play section below, but if you break and build everything you'll obtain quite a few studs.

FREE PLAY: Dig up the sparkly patch near the house. Use the bits to build a fan. Stand on it and blow into the mic to lift your character onto the roof. Go down the chimney to get some studs inside the house. Once inside, just move to the foreground to exit. Climb back to the roof and use a character with an umbrella to slide from the gray pad to the ledge with artifact piece (8/10).

Go to the right side of the lake and push the crate to the end of the checkerboard floor. Build the scissor lift next to the blue pad. Then go find the blue bricks: Grab the wooden torch lying out in the open. Light it on the burning barrel near the house. Then use it to light the other barrel on the far right. This melts the ice around a blue brick (1/3). Smash the ice chunk in front of the house to get another blue brick (2/3). Break the ice chunk in the background near the archway. Then dig up the sparkly patch to find another blue brick (3/3). Place all of them on the blue pad. Then use the bits to build a platform between the crate and the lift.

Climb to the ledge on the right and follow the path around to a small side Area with a house. Fight the 2 Sherpas that jump down from the roof. Then climb the ledges on the right and jump onto the roof. Slide down the chimney into Santa's house. (Aha! The tables are turned!) Smash the presents and use the golden bits to build artifact piece (9/10). Exit in the foreground.

Before leaving this Area continue along the path to the right. Dig up a large crate, smash it and build a door with a scholar access panel. Switch to a scholar character to use the panel, play the mini game and open the door. Inside, step on each of the 4 buttons to raise blocks of ice and reveal artifact piece (10/10). Return outside and follow the path back to the frozen lake.

When you're ready, go through the archway in the background to end the level.

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