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Nintendo DS - Raiders Level 3: Cairo Street Fight

Story Mode Characters: Indiana Jones (Desert), Marion (Cairo)
Characters Unlocked: Both Story Characters (above), Cairo Goon, Cairo Swordsman, Monkey Man, Sallah (Suit)
Free Play Characters Needed: BOTCS, Digger, Military, Pet Monkey, Small Size, Thuggee, Umbrella
True Adventurer: Story 40,000 studs · Free Play 50,000 studs
Red Brick Reward: Military Access Panel Mini-Game (20,000 studs)

Area 1: Cairo Street

Begin by clearing the Area of enemies. Move down the street to the right and 4 goons emerge and start shooting. When you've dealt with them, 3 more men come in from the left. Take them out as well.

There are a few things you should not break at first so you can use them to reach more studs: Just to the left of the stairs with the Thuggee access panel is a pile of green-and-yellow melons. Use them for a boost onto the cart to the left, where you'll find a bunch of blue studs. Jump onto the urn near the cart in the middle of the street and from there to the palm tree. Now you can reach the studs floating in the air.

FREE PLAY: Break the crate against the wall where you started and rebuild it on top of the others. Climb the crates and jump to the awning on the left and from there to the adjacent roof. Use the whip pad to climb onto the next roof.

Switch to a character with a shovel and dig up map piece (1/3). Switch to a character with an umbrella and slide down the zip line from the gray pad to the building on the right to collect more studs.

Head for the right end of the street and use the loose bits to build a box with handles. Slide it along the checkerboard tiles and use it to climb onto the ledge with the red pad.

Stand Marion on the pad and press A to change her into the pet monkey. In monkey form, hop down, head to the left and climb the bright green vines to the roof above, where you'll find the red brick.

Now run to the left end of the street and climb the vines there. Move the monkey onto the fan and blow into the microphone to lift the monkey up to the higher roof. Step on the button to lower a rope so Indy can climb up. Smash the boxes and gather the studs.

FREE PLAY: While on this rooftop, toggle the character who isn't a monkey to someone with a shovel and dig up the bits to build artifact piece (1/10). Jump down and dig up the sparkly patch near the building on the right. Use the bits to build another fan. Blow either character over the wall into the alley beyond. Artifact piece (2/10) is just inside, and the wooden doors open automatically so you can get out.

Return to the left and go up the steps to the Thuggee access panel. Switch to a Thuggee character and solve the mini-game to open the door. Inside, smash the furniture and build a whip pad. Use Indy to climb to the ledge above. Then switch to a Brotherhood character to use the BOTCS access panel. When you complete this mini-game, artifact piece (3/10) appears below. Grab it and return upstairs to the street.

Smash the crate and urn to the left of the cart near the 2 palm trees to receive a scimitar and some studs. Use the unbreakable box to climb onto the cart. Jump over to the nearest palm tree, then to the next tree. Grab the blue brick (1/3) and hop down. Carry the brick to the right end of the street and drop it on the blue pad.

Return to the starting Area , pick up another blue brick (2/3) and bring it to the pad as well. Then break the containers to the left of the stairs with the Thuggee access panel to get one more blue brick (3/3), as well as map piece (2/3). Carry the brick to the blue pad and use the bits that appear to build a lever. Pull it to open the exit.

Area 2: Street with Swordsmen

When you enter the new Area , 3 swordsmen attack. If you need a weapon, run to the back wall and smash the crate to get a machine gun. As the movie teaches, guns beat swords. ;)

Then have Marion toss bottles at the bull's-eye targets on the wall. Hitting both opens the doors between them. Pull the box with the handles out along the checkerboard tiles and then push it to the right as far as it goes. Use it to jump onto the stacked boxes. Jump from there to the palm tree, then over the wall to the right.

Another pair of swordsmen attack. Deal with them and then move to the right to draw out 2 more goons.

When the coast is clear, head back to the left and climb the stairs near the fruit stall. Run around to the front of the building and smash the lattice doors to get artifact piece (4/10).

Some of the Area s described in the Free Play section below are partially accessible in Story Mode. You won't be able to go everywhere, but if you smash everything you see and go through every open doorway, you can gather quite a few studs.

FREE PLAY: Toggle to a character with an umbrella and slide from the gray pad down to the roof on the left. Build a red pad there, switch to a character with a monkey and use the red pad to change into the adorable creature. Climb the green vines and jump over to the roof on the left, where you'll find artifact piece (5/10). Return to the Area on the right side of the dividing wall. (There's a dangling rope near the palm tree now that can make this climb easier for humans, but the monkey must use the boxes and tree.)

Use the human character to smash the box sitting beside the wall. Inside is map piece (3/3). If you also found the other pieces in the previous Area , you'll receive artifact piece (6/10) now.

Have the monkey climb the green vines on the back wall a little to the right. Step on the button on the left side of the roof to start the lift moving so the human character can get up. Have him climb onto the roof to the right and dig up a treasure chest containing artifact piece (7/10).

Jump back down and dig up the sparkly Area in the middle of the street. Use the LEGO bits you unearth to build a fan. Step onto it and blow your character onto the ledge ahead. Enter the covered walkway on the left to get artifact piece (8/10).

Hop down and go through the doorway on the front of this building. Inside smash the furniture and build a crawlspace. Toggle to a small character and squeeze through to emerge in the Area behind the lattice. Switch to a Thuggee character to use the Thuggee access panel. Beating this mini-game opens both sets of lattice doors so you can obtain artifact piece (9/10) and exit when you're done.

Finally, use your digger at the far right end of the street to dig up a treasure chest. Smack it with your shovel to release a fountain of studs and hearts.

When you're ready to move on, go to the top of the stairs near the fruit cart near the dividing wall between the two halves of this Area. Pick up the wooden torch at the top of the stairs and light it on the flaming barrel at the right end of the street. Use the torch to light the powder keg near the truck. The explosion clears the way to the next Area.

Area 3: Open Square with Army Truck

Enemy soldiers continually respawn from the truck parked across the exit. So you'll need to fight soldiers—or avoid them—as you do the necessary business here.

First, build a whip pad near the entrance but don't climb up yet. Bust up the crates in the middle of the square and use the leftover bits to build a pedestal. Then build a fan out of the bits on the far right. Now you're ready to go.

Run to the left and use the whip pad to climb to the ledge above. Approach the wardrobe and press A to make Indy put on a military disguise. Hop down and run to the far right. If you stay toward the foreground as you go, the soldiers won't be as likely to attack. Use the fan to lift Indy to the room above. Use the military access panel to call for an airdrop. A plane then passes overhead, dumping a crate of bits in the middle of the square. Jump down and use these to build a machine gun on top of the pedestal you built earlier.

Note that if Indy dies, he loses the disguise and can't use the access panel. So you'll have to go back to the ledge with the wardrobe to get another.

After building the machine gun, return to the military access panel and use it again to call for another shipment of bits. This time the plane drops 2 piles. Use both of them to build a lever and a crank. Turn the crank to point the machine gun at the truck. Then pull the lever to fire. No more truck. No more soldiers.

FREE PLAY: Skip the business with the wardrobe and just use a character in uniform to operate the military access panel.

After destroying the truck, use a character with a shovel to dig a treasure chest near the truck. Smash the chest and use the bits to construct artifact piece (10/10). Dig up another sparkling patch on the far right to get another treasure chest, this time containing studs and hearts.

Exit through the opening where the truck was parked.

Area 4: Swordsman Showdown

The level's Boss: The Cairo Swordsman appears on the ledge above. At first he sends 2 henchmen down to fight for him. When you smash the two swordsmen in white, a pistol appears on the ground below the swordsman. Grab it, move back a bit and start shooting. When the boss has taken a little damage, he'll jump down so you can punch him. After a few solid hits, he jumps back onto the wall and the process begins again.

Fight the 2 swordsmen in white to make the pistol reappear. Grab it, step back and shoot the boss. When he jumps down, punch him. After doing this two or three times, the boss will fall and the level will end.

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