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Nintendo DS - Raiders Level 5: Rescue the Ark

Story Mode Characters: Indiana Jones (Desert), Marion (Evening Dress), Sallah
Characters Unlocked: Enemy Soldier (Desert), Enemy Pilot, Enemy Bazooka Soldier (Desert), Enemy (Boxer), Enemy Officer (Desert)
Free Play Skills Needed: Bottle Throwing, Digger, Military, Pet Monkey, Scholar, Small Size, Thuggee
True Adventurer: Story 40,000 studs · Free Play 57,000 studs
Red Brick Reward: Whip Drag Survival Mini-Game (50,000 studs)

Area 1: Airfield with Flying Wing

Stand Marion on the red pad and press A to change to monkey form. Climb the yellow vines and push the green box off the roof. Use the bits to build a rope so Indy can climb up. Smash the other box on the roof to get a rifle. Then use the whip pad to pull down a bridge and cross to the next rooftop.

Some of the areas described in the Free Play sections below are partially accessible in Story Mode. You won't be able to go everywhere, but if you explore where you can, you can gather quite a few studs.

FREE PLAY: On the second roof, use the whip pad to climb to the ledge above. Switch to a character that throws bottles and toss one at the burning brazier to destroy the brick pile behind it and get artifact piece (1/10).

Return to the roof and push the box off the edge. Hop down and use the bits to build a TNT plunger. Press it to blow up the boulders blocking the path on the right.

Use a soldier character to operate the military access panel and get artifact piece (2/10) inside the barred alcove.

Use the bits leftover from the boulder explosion to build a crawlspace. Switch to a small character and go through. Smash the rocks on the ledge above and build a Thuggee access panel, which you can then use to open the door.

Inside, use a character with a shovel to dig up a box. Smash it and build a whip pad. Swing across to the right. Go down the stairs and place the blue brick (1/3) on the blue pad. Switch back to the digger and unearth up another box. Smash it and build a platform you can use to cross the gap to the left.

Break the crate there to get another blue brick (2/3) and carry it back to the blue pad. Return to the left side of the room. Toss a bottle at the brazier. After the explosion, use the leftover bits to build a wall button and push it to open the camel cage, to get another blue brick (3/3). Drop it on the blue pad and build a red pad.

Use the pad to transform one character into a monkey. Climb the vines. Push the box off the ledge and use the bits to build a dangling rope so a human character can climb up. Toggle the human to Indy and use the whip pad to reach the next higher ledge. Off to the left is artifact piece (3/10). Hop down on the left and return through the door to the main area.

Return to the red pad on the far left, where you started the level. Then go down the slope and head to the left corner. Break the green boxes to get map piece (1/3).

Now move to the right to trigger a cut scene and the appearance of the level Boss: The Enemy Boxer. Hit him a few times and he'll flee to one of the 3 towers in the background. Enemy pilots continue to spawn from the shacks near the towers. Fight them as you do the rest of the business here. First, move to the base of the left tower where the boxer is. Use the red bits to build a TNT plunger and press to blow up the tower.

When the boxer lands next to you, hit him again until he runs away. Notice the blue brick (1/3) that also fell down when the tower exploded, but don't do anything with it yet.

Follow the boxer to the middle tower. Deal with any pilots that try and interfere as you build a second TNT plunger and press it to destroy the second tower. Another blue brick (2/3) falls down and the boxer attacks again. Punch the boss until he runs off to the tower on the right. Chase after him, build the third plunger and press it to destroy the last tower and deposit another blue brick (3/3) on the ground. A brief cut scene then shows the nearby blue pad.

Do not do anything with the 3 blue bricks yet. When you beat the boss, you are transported to the next area and won't be able to make any other pick-ups.

When you destroy all 3 towers, the pilots stop respawning, making things a little easier. The boxer will attack if you approach him, but he won't follow you if you climb out of reach.

Use the gray bricks on the ground where the middle tower was to build a crate and climb onto the ledge behind the shacks. Build a whip pad and climb Indy's whip to the ledge above. Use the next whip pad to pull a box off the ledge on the right. Use the bits left behind to build a fan and blow your character onto the ledge above. Break the next box and build another fan. Also smash the boulder to reveal map piece (2/3). Use the fan for a lift to the alcove containing artifact piece (4/10).

FREE PLAY: Dig up the sparkling patch on the left side of the tower area to find artifact piece (5/10).

Dig up the sparkling patch on the far right. Smash the box you unearth and build a whip pad, which you can use to reach artifact piece (6/10).

Use the red LEGO bits at the back right to build a red pad. Change someone into a monkey and climb the vines. Stand on the button to lower a rope that humans can climb. Smash the box and build a scholar access panel, which you can then use to open the door.

Inside, head down the steps and break the 2 boxes underneath. The one on the left contains map piece (3/3). If you've found the other pieces previously, you'll get artifact piece (7/10) now.

Jump across the deep pit to the right. Press the button on the back wall to open the bars so you can reach artifact piece (8/10). Build a whip pad. Climb the ledges above, breaking boxes and boulders and building several more whip pads as you go. On one of the upper ledges, use the whip to pull down a box from above. Build a rope and climb up. Build a fan and blow Indy up onto the ledge on the left. Whip swing one last time to the left and then hop down near the entrance. Return to the previous area.

When you're ready to move on, pick up each of the 3 blue bricks and place them on the blue pad on the left side of the flying wing. The boxer tries to fight you as you do this, so move quickly. Use the LEGO parts left behind to build a propeller for the plane, triggering a cut scene and the end of the area.

Area 2: Truck Convoy

Now you control Indy and Sallah. Jump from the first truck to the one next to it. Move to the front of that truck and use Indy's whip to pull the lever on the truck in front of it. This lowers the tailgate so you can jump onto it.

Enter the truck, fight some enemy soldiers and make your way toward the front, where there's a dangling rope you can use to climb out.

A short cut scene shows two enemy motorcycles moving into position ahead. Move to the back of the truck to collect some studs. Hop down, following the arc of studs. Then jump back into the truck with the open tailgate and climb the rope to get back on top.

Use Indy's whip to smash the 2 motorcycles. Wait for the truck ahead to move closer and then jump onto it. Fight 2 more solders and then jump onto the truck in the foreground. When you move to the front of this truck, a cut scene shows more enemies approaching, including a machine gunner. Position Indy at the corner of the truck closest to the enemies and use the whip to drag them down. If the truck where the enemies are standing pulls ahead, just wait for it to slow down and get closer. Then try again.

When the enemy truck gets very close, jump onto it. Move to the front of the truck to grab the red brick sitting on the hood.

Return to the higher part of this truck and jump from there to the neighboring truck. Move to the front and jump to the next truck ahead. More enemy solders begin shooting at you from the adjacent truck. Quickly smash the boxes and build a machine gun and a handle to operate it. Pull the handle to do some serious damage to the bad guys. Then jump over to their truck and finish them off. You'll also get artifact piece (9/10) here.

Jump back to the truck with the machine gun. Move to the front and wait for the truck ahead to move closer. Then use Indy's whip to pull the lever and open the tailgate. Hop inside. Break the boxes and build a treasure chest, which contains artifact piece (10/10). Climb the rope to the roof of the truck.

Collect the studs at the rear. Then make your way to the front again and jump diagonally to the next truck in line. Climb to the front and jump over to the truck ahead in the foreground. Fight 2 more soldiers. Smash the green boxes and build a whip pad. Then use Indy's whip to pull the lever on the adjacent truck, causing the back of the truck to tilt.

Move to the back of the truck you're standing on now. Wait for the one behind it to move closer and jump onto it. Wait for it to move toward the truck with the tilted bed and then jump over there. Move to the front and wait for the next truck in line to move closer. Then jump onto it. Leap from there to the higher truck in the foreground. Move toward the front of it to trigger the final cut scene.

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