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Nintendo DS - Raiders Level 4: The Well of Souls

Story Mode Characters: Indiana Jones (Cairo), Sallah, Marion (Evening Dress)
Characters Unlocked: All Story Characters (above), Egyptian Mummy
Free Play Characters Needed: BOTCS, Bottle Thrower, Digger, Military, Scholar, Small Size, Thuggee, Umbrella
True Adventurer: Story 50,000 studs · Free Play 70,000 studs
Red Brick Reward: One Shot Extra (1,000,000 studs)

Area 1: Map Room

At the start of the level, you control Indy and Sallah. Smash all the rocks and blocks for studs and hearts. Then push the gold box to the end of the checkerboard path. Artifact piece (1/10) appears on the boulder ahead and a rope descends from the ceiling so you can climb out.

Area 2: Excavation Site

Follow the ramp down into the Area on the right. Smash the tan blocks covering the square opening the ground and drop in.

In the burial chamber below, smash all the blocks and sarcophagi for studs, hearts and artifact piece (2/10). Climb the rope to get back to the surface.

Smash all the blocks and boxes in this Area. There are a few sparkling patches where Sallah can dig up boxes containing more studs. Don't forget to explore the shallow pit with the train tracks on the right. You can't get out of this pit on the right side, so return to the left.

Two of the buried boxes conceal blue bricks (1/3 and 2/3). Carry these up the wooden scaffolding and drop them on the blue pad. The other blue brick (3/3) is lying in plain sight on the scaffolding. Place it on the pad as well. Use the bits to build a box you can climb to reach the upper scaffolding. Go to the right and use the whip pad to pull down a bridge so you can cross the gap.

Follow the scaffolding to the far right side of this Area. Break up the crates and boulders to find more studs, hearts and map piece (1/3). Dig up the 2 sparkling areas to unearth boxes full of studs.

FREE PLAY: Use a character in uniform to activate the military access panel in the background on the right. Beat the mini-game to open the door. In the next Area , head to the right and use the whip pad to pull down a bridge. Continue along the scaffolding to the right and fight a squad of enemy soldiers.

Switch to a digger to unearth 2 boxes, one of which contains artifact piece (3/10). Hop down into the pit on the left to get more studs. Then use the ramps on the left to reach the rim of the pit below the entrance.

Jump into the square opening on the left. In the chamber below, break up everything for studs, hearts and artifact piece (4/10). Use the rope to climb out of the room. Then climb the short rope to get back to the entrance and return to the main Area.

Back in the Excavation Site Area , move to the right foreground and hop down into a shallow pit with a couple of camels. Toggle to a character that throws bottles and toss one at the burning brazier to destroy the boulder next to it, leaving bits for a whip pad. Build it and have Indy climb up. Jump across the ledges to artifact piece (5/10).

Drop into the square opening on the right to enter the next Area.

Area 3: Snake Pit

Note: If you fall down here before you're done exploring above, you can climb the rope to return to the Excavation Site.

Avoid the edges of the platform since the pit below is filled with deadly snakes. Dig up 2 boxes from the sparkling areas, smash them and use the bits to build 2 floor buttons. Step on these to raise a platform ahead.

Pick up the blue brick (1/3), hop across the platform and place the brick on the blue pad. Then jump back to the center platform.

Switch to Indy and use one of the whip pads to swing across to the ledge on the right. Push the wall button to raise a platform so Sallah can cross. Switch to Sallah and dig up a wooden torch. Light it on the burning brazier and then use it to light the 2 wall torches. This opens the alcove revealing another blue brick (2/3). Carry it to the blue pad.

Return to the center of the room and whip swing across to the left ledge. Build a wall button. Then repeat the same steps you did on the other ledge to get the remaining blue brick (3/3). Carry it to the blue pad as well.

After placing all the blue bricks on the pad, build another wall button and push it to open the exit.

Area 4: Burial Chamber

Enter the room and proceed to the right. Step on the tan LEGO baseplate, which then sinks to the lower level. The steps on the left and right rise up, preventing you from getting out of this pit. Then 4 of the sarcophagi open releasing 4 mummies. Sallah's shovel is great for smashing mummies. When you've taken care of them, 4 more mummies emerge. Destroy them and the walls turn back into steps.

Climb the steps on the right and smash the boxes and urn to get map piece (2/3).

FREE PLAY: Use a scholar character to activate the scholar access panel and open the door. In the next room, use the whip pad to swing over to the ledge on the right. Pick up the blue brick (1/3) and drop it on the blue pad.

Stand on the whip pad near the wall and use Indy's whip to pull the lever, raising a bridge. Return to the left and smash the objects near the entrance to get another blue brick (2/3). Carry it to the pad. Then hop over to the small platform on the far left for another blue brick (2/3). Drop it on the blue pad and use the bits to build a floor button. Step on it to start the small platform moving.

Hop onto the moving platform and ride it up to a ledge with artifact piece (6/10). Follow the line of floating studs back down to the entrance and return to the Sarcophagus Room.

Use the leftover bits from the coffins to build a staircase leading up to the center alcove. There are 2 blue bricks (1/3 and 2/3) sitting out in the open. Carry them up the stairs and drop them on the blue pad. Dig up another blue brick (3/3) and carry it up to the pad as well. Use the resulting bits to build a wall button and push it to open the exit.

Area 5: Ark Room

Use the loose bits on the dais to build a second golden button. Push both buttons to raise the Ark of the Covenant onto the dais.

After the cut scene, you control Indy and Marion. Four mummies emerge from the doors at the back of the room. When you defeat them, a whip pad appears on the right. Use Indy's whip to pull down the big statue, smashing a hole in the wall so you can exit, and artifact piece (7/10) appears at the base of the statue.

Area 6: Second Sarcophagus Room

When you approach the middle of the room, 3 mummies emerge from their coffins. When you've beaten them, 2 more mummies appear on the right. When you've dealt with them, the exit opens on the far right.

FREE PLAY: Smash the boxes on the left and use the Thuggee access panel to open the door. In the next room, smash everything and dig up the sparkling patches to find 3 blue bricks and map piece (3/3). If you found the other map pieces earlier, you'll get artifact piece (8/10) now.

As you explore, 3 mummies emerge on the left and 3 more mummies on the right. Smash them and then place the blue bricks on the blue pad. Use the bits to build a floor button and step on it to extend a series of ledges on the back wall. Climb them to reach the high ledge on the right. Dig up artifact piece (9/10).

Switch to a small character and go through the crawlspace to emerge on another ledge, where you'll find the red brick. Hop down, head to the left and return to the Sarcophagus Room.

Go to the far right and build another crawlspace. Use it to reach the ledge above and smash the coffins there to get artifact piece (10/10).

When you're ready to go, leave through he doorway on the right.

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