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Nintendo DS - Temple of Doom Level 5: Escape the Mineshaft

Story Mode Characters: Indiana Jones (Kali's Temple), Willie Scott (Ceremony), Short Round
Characters Unlocked: Slave Child, Thuggee Slave Driver
Free Play Skills Needed: Bottle Throwing, Digger, Military, Small Size, Umbrella
True Adventurer: Story 20,000 studs · Free Play 30,000 studs
Red Brick Reward: - Beetle Platter Mini-Game (50,000 studs)

Area 1: Slave Cages

As the level begins, you are attacked by a Boss: The Thuggee Slave Driver. Punch him until his hearts are depleted and he runs away. Two regular Thuggees then enter. Use Indy's whip to disarm them. Then finish them off. Watch out for the lava pit on the right as you fight.

Smash the barrel in the left foreground and build a lever. Pull it to move the mine cart forward and drop a pile of bits. Use these to build a crank, which you can then turn to rotate the mine cart. It then rolls to the right but stops at the edge of the lava pit.

Go to where the mine cart ended up. At the edge of the lava pit there's a small ledge with a pile of loose LEGO bits. Use these to build a stairway down to the red brick. Grab it and climb back up.

FREE PLAY: Dig up the sparkling patch in the middle of the floor to get map piece (1/3).

There's nothing more you can do here for now, so follow the Slave Driver through the doorway in the background.

Area 2: Conveyor Belts and Rock Crusher

Jump onto the conveyor belt and run to the right, carefully avoiding the rock crusher and giant scoop. Here it may help to wait until the crusher comes down and then jump onto the belt next to it. Run in place to avoid falling off. Then, when the crusher rises, take running jumps to the right to get past it. Run forward a few steps at a time as the scoop descends. When it rises again, run under it and jump onto the stone ledge on the right.

Repeat the same process to get past the crusher on second conveyor belt. Keep moving forward (right) as you punch the Thuggee Slave Driver and soon he'll fall under the crusher. A ledge then extends on the right. Cross the conveyor belt again and jump onto this ledge.

Continue to the right and build a gray pad. Switch to Willie and use her umbrella to slide down to the ledge below. Press the wall button to open the doors near the gray pad. Then build a ledge so you can climb back there. Go through the doors you just opened.

Area 3: Room with Slave Cages and Checkerboard Tiles

Fight 4 Thuggees in the next room. Smash the basket with the 3 blue bricks. Then place each brick on the blue pad to get artifact piece (1/10).

There are two sections of checkerboard floor in this room. Go to the one on the right and push the crate to the left. It sinks into the floor and a lever appears near the slave cage. Pull it to free the slave child (1/3) inside and obtain artifact piece (2/10).

Stand near the loose dynamite and press A to attach it to the stone column nearby. Push the red plunger to blow up the column, forming a ledge you can use to climb to the higher ledge on the right. Smash the boulders to get a scimitar. Then go through the doorway on the right.

FREE PLAY: Instead of leaving this area through the doorway at the top right, go to the left section of checkerboard floor and push the crate there to reveal a sparkly patch where you can dig. Use the bits you unearth to build a crawlspace. Switch from digger to small-sized character and go through.

Toggle to Indiana Jones and use the whip pad to climb onto the ledge above. Use the fan there to blow Indy up to the next ledge, where there's another whip pad. Whip-swing across to the left. Switch to a soldier character and use the military access panel to open the barred door.

Inside, change back to Indy and use the whip pad to swing across the gap to artifact piece (3/10). Then follow the trail of studs to the right. Switch to a digger and excavate the sparkling area to find map piece (2/3).

Toggle to a character with an umbrella and use the gray pad to slide down the zip line to the ledge below. Switch to a character that throws bottles and toss one at the burning brazier. This destroys the rock pile on the right, revealing map piece (3/3). If you've found the other two map sections, you'll get artifact piece (4/10) now. Exit through the doorway on the left.

In the next area, use the brown LEGO bits to build a bridge across the lava pit. Before crossing over, use the fan on the left to reach artifact piece (5/10) hovering above. Now cross the bridge to find yourself back in the first room, only now you're on the far right side beyond the lava pit. (Continue with the walkthrough for Area 4, below.)

Area 4: Slave Cages (Same as Area 1)

In Story Mode you re-enter this area on the far right, beyond the lava pit. Hop down and smash the boulders on the left and right to get 2 blue bricks (1/3 and 2/3). When you approach the boulders on the left, a pair of Thuggees jumps down from the tunnel above and you'll have to fight them.

FREE PLAY: If you've entered this area by building a bridge across the lava pit in the foreground, 2 more Thuggees will follow you across that bridge and attack.

Turn the crank on the left to lower the track, forming a bridge across the pit. Doing this also reveals a lever. Pull it to move the mine cart across the bridge. It rolls to a stop on the far right, and another blue brick (3/3) drops from the ceiling.

NOTE: If you didn't move the mine cart earlier, it won't roll when you pull the lever. To get it started, follow the walkthrough for Area 1, above.

Place all three bricks on the blue pad and build a TNT plunger. Don't use the plunger yet or the area will end and you'll miss a few pick-ups.

Smash the boulder in the background on the right to get a wooden torch. Carry it across the bridge toward the slave cage area on the left. Light the torch on the burning brazier and use it to light the 4 torches on the wall. This opens the cage doors, freeing two more slave children (2/3 and 3/3). If you rescued the first slave in the previous area too, you'll receive artifact piece (6/10) now.

Switch to Short Round and go through the crawlspace at the back of the right cage to reach artifact piece (7/10) on the top bunk.

Return across the bridge to the right. Push the TNT plunger it to blow up the rocks blocking the tunnel and trigger a cut scene.

Area 5: Mine Cart Chase

In this area, Indy and friends are riding in a mine cart. Use the D-pad to lean left and right to gather studs and avoid the broken track sections (e.g., if the right side of the track is broken, lean to the left to stay on the tracks). When you come to a wide gap in the tracks, just ease off the controls and the cart will automatically jump across.

There are several artifact pieces along the route: Artifact piece (8/10) is on the right side of the tracks, so you'll need to lean to the right to reach it. The next one is a bit tricky. Shortly after the first wide gap, the track splits. Lean to the left to take the left fork and then quickly lean to the right to reach artifact piece (9/10). Finally, just before the end of the level lean to the right once more to get artifact piece (10/10).

When you reach the end of the tracks, the final cut scene kicks in.

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