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Nintendo DS - Temple of Doom Level 6: Battle on the Bridge

Story Mode Characters: Indiana Jones (Kali's Temple), Willie Scott (Ceremony), Short Round
Characters Unlocked: British Officer, British Soldier, Mola Ram
Free Play Skills Needed: BOTCS, Digger, Pet Monkey, Umbrella
True Adventurer: Story 35,000 studs · Free Play 45,000 studs
Red Brick Reward: Regenerate Hearts Extra (1,000,000 studs)

Area 1: Cliff Face

After the cut scene, Indy and friends begin on a cliffside ledge. Head to the left, build a gray pad and use Willie's umbrella to slide down the cable. Fight a regular Thuggee and a Thuggee priest. Then use the loose LEGO bits to build a bridge so the other character can climb down from the higher ledge and cross here.

Smash the LEGO boulders on the ledge below to find 2 blue bricks (1/3 and 2/3). Follow the ledge around to the left and use the gray bricks to plug up the hole where water is gushing out of the cliffside. Now you can reach the other blue brick (3/3). Smash the next boulder and use the leftover bits to plug the second leak so you can reach the blue pad. Drop all 3 bricks on the pad and build a plug for the third leak. Now you can reach artifact piece (1/10). Return to the right, cross the bridge and climb the dangling rope to get back to where you started.

Use Short Round to squeeze through the crawlspace. Push the wall button on the ledge above to drop a boulder. Use the pieces to build a set of ledges so the grown-ups can climb up. Position Indiana Jones on the whip pad and use his whip to pull down a box, which you can then use to cross the spear-lined ledge on the right.

Climb the rope near the checkerboard tiles. Fight the 2 Thuggees on the ledge above. Then jump down to the small ledge on the left and smash the green bush to get map piece (1/3). Hop down in the foreground and make your way back to the right and up the rope again.

FREE PLAY: Excavate the sparkling area and build artifact piece (2/10).

Now climb the ledges on the left. A brief cut scene shows some Thuggees tossing boulders down toward you. Switch to Short Round and go through the crawlspace. Watch out for falling boulders, which land on the dark patch near the dangling rope. Wait for a boulder to fall and then quickly climb the rope and move to the right to avoid the next boulder area. Turn the crank to lower another rope back near the crawlspace. Return there and climb that rope. Again, stay off the dark patch as you use build a small ledge. Climb up and fight the 2 Thuggees that were throwing boulders along with a Thuggee Priest.

When the coast is clear, smash the rocks here and build 4 floor buttons. Step on all of them to reveal a crawlspace on the back wall. Have Short Round crawl through. Break the rock on the ledge above and build a rope so the other character can climb up.

Switch to Indy and use the whip pad to swing across the gap to the right. Use his whip on the other side to pull down the tall column, forming a bridge. Push the yellow-handled box across the bridge to the end of the checkerboard floor. This reveals another crawlspace. Again, send Short Round through onto the ledge above.

Use the crank to raise a bridge connecting this ledge and the one with the 4 buttons. Now the second character can cross. Stand on the large square button to open the gate. Four Thuggees run toward you. Fight them and then go through the gate.

Area 2: Waterfall and Ledges

Smash the box in the background to get a rifle. Use the gray bits to build a ledge so you can climb up to the dangling rope. Build another rope on the ledge above and keep climbing. Use the large pile of LEGO bits to build a square platform. More bits then fall from above. Before building anything, cross the gray platform to get artifact piece (3/10).

Return to the right and use the bits that fell down to build a box with handles. Push it onto the platform to lower it and simultaneously raise a second platform, just to the right. Another pair of Thuggees rushes toward you. Deal with them and then head to the right.

FREE PLAY: Dig up the sparkly spot and use the bits you unearth to build artifact piece (4/10).

Build a yellow pad and blow into the mic to inflate a rubber raft. Hop in and steer over to artifact piece (5/10) in the background. Then paddle to the right bank and hop out.

Fight another Thuggee and Thuggee Priest. Move to the right foreground and climb down the ledges to the area below. Fight 2 more Thuggees and grab artifact piece (6/10) on the left behind the waterfall. Return to the right and climb back up the rope and ledges.

NOTE: If the second character gets stuck in the area below and won't climb up, just go through the tunnel on the right to the next area. Then come back again. The second character should automatically appear.

FREE PLAY: Use the BOTCS access panel on the ledge in the background to extend a rope. Climb onto the ledge above and smash the shrubs to find map piece (2/3). Toggle to Indiana Jones, stand on the whip pad and use the whip to pull a box into the water, partly blocking the waterfall and revealing a set of stepping-stones in the stream below. One of these has another whip pad on it.

Hop down on the right and jump across the stepping-stones to reach the whip pad you just made. Use Indy's whip to pull the lever in the background. This raises another set of stepping-stones in the stream above the falls. Climb back up the ledges near the BOTCS panel. Hop across the stones to the left side of the stream and use the whip pad here to pull down another box. This also partially blocks the flowing stream, revealing a cave and more stepping-stones. Climb down and enter the cave.

Inside, follow the ledge to the right and use the loose LEGO bits to plug the holes in the wall where water is gushing out. Continue to the right, plugging another leak so you can pass.

On the way down the steps to the right, smash the green bush to get map piece (3/3). If you found the other map pieces earlier, you'll get artifact piece (7/10) now.

At the bottom of the steps, use the big pile of LEGO bits to build a wooden raft that floats back and forth on the water. Jump onto it and ride toward the foreground. Hop onto the little island with artifact piece (8/10). Ride the raft back to the other side of the stream.

Use a character with a shovel to dig up the sparkling area on the right. Use the bits you find to build a red pad. Toggle to a pet-monkey character and use the pad to transform. Have the monkey climb the green vines to reach the ledge on the right, where you'll find the red brick. Before hopping down, move to the front right edge of this ledge. Jump onto the next small ledge to find artifact piece (9/10).

Climb all the way back to the top left and return through the cave opening to the main area.

When you're finished here, exit through the tunnel in the right foreground.

Area 3: The Bridge

FREE PLAY: Dig up the sparkling area in the background on the right. Build a gray pad and use a character with an umbrella to slide down the zip line. Use the brown LEGO bits there to build a mine cart, which then enters the tunnel and comes out carrying artifact piece (10/10). Use the gray bits to build a series of ledges so you can climb back to where you started.

Move onto the wooden bridge on the right. When you get about halfway across, the Boss: Mola Ram appears and hypnotizes Willie with the black sleep. A cut scene draws your attention to the scimitar on a high ledge and shows 2 piles of LEGO bits dropping from above.

If you try to approach Mola Ram, his magic repels you. So instead retreat to the left. Fight the 4 Thuggees that have appeared at the end of the bridge. Use the bits near the back wall to build a small ledge so Short Round can reach the crawlspace. Go through to the ledge above and build a rope so Indy can climb up. Use the whip pad to swing over to the left. Step on one of the floor buttons.

You can't reach the second button from here. So hop down and build another ledge on the left. Climb up, fight 2 more Thuggees and use the whip pad here to swing across the spears to that second button. When you do, the blocks descend so you can grab the scimitar.

After obtaining the sword, if you like, you can switch to Short Round. Climb up to the whip pad and then hop onto the nearer of the small, square ledges above the spears. Jump from there to the ledge with the crawlspace and go through. Jump down following the arc of floating studs.

Now return to the middle of the bridge and use the scimitar to hit the dark red sections where the two halves of the bridge join. This causes it to collapse, triggering the final cut scenes of the level. . . and the story.

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