LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues - Introduction

The second game in the series, aptly titled LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues, was developed by Traveller's Tales and published by LucasArts for Windows PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Nintendo Wii. Feral Interactive produced the Macintosh version, and there are also portable versions for the Sony PSP and Nintendo DS.*

This exciting, family-friendly game follows Indy's adventures in the most recent film, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, but also includes scenes from the first three movies that weren't covered in the first LEGO Indy game. The main focus is still on exploration, treasure hunting and artifact collecting—with a little light combat, LEGO style. Players can still adventure alone or with a buddy, but rather than taking a linear path through each story, the game has "hubs" based on the various films. There's also a Creator hub where gamers can customize characters and create their own playable levels.

My detailed visual walkthrough is designed for players of all ages. Advanced players can follow the text. Beginning readers will find dozens of helpful screenshots for each level. I encourage parents and older siblings to play co-op with younger kids and enjoy Indy's adventures together.

For additional details, including more game features and PC system specifications, please visit the official LucasArts site.

*The PSP and Nintendo DS versions differ from the "big" game and are not covered on this site yet. (Check the PSP/DS page for a good walkthrough link.) The portable game focuses entirely on the Crystal Skull storyline and does not include the Level Builder.

Playsets & Level Types [jump to top]

LEGO Indiana Jones 2 is built around seven hubs, known in the LEGO world as playsets. Only one playset, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Part 1, is accessible at the start. You'll unlock the others as you progress. Playsets that are still locked appear as plain wooden crates in the main menu.

For details on navigating the Playset Menus, see the Controls and Menus page.

Each hub or playset has a large, open area to explore. Here you'll find the entrances to all the levels in that chapter, as well as plenty of hidden goodies and mini-games. The Creator playset includes tools to make your own Indiana Jones adventures. It is covered in a separate section.

Story Level Entrance (green arrow)

Treasure Level Entrance (gold arrow)

Inside a Bonus Level

A Super Bonus Level Entrance

There are four types of levels in each playset: Story, Treasure, Bonus and Super Bonus. Each type presents different challenges and rewards.

STORY LEVELS – There are 5 Story Levels in each playset. Each has a physical entrance—such as a door, a cave opening, etc.—in the hub map. The entrance to the next unplayed Story Level is almost always marked by a big green arrow. If you're having trouble figuring out where to go, check the hub maps and/or walkthroughs.

TREASURE LEVELS – Each playset also has 5 Treasure Levels. Completing a Story Level unlocks the corresponding Treasure Level. They usually share the same location on the hub map, but Treasure Level entrances are marked with gold arrows.

Most Treasure Levels require characters with special skills or equipment, which you may not have right away. If you enter a Treasure Level and see a message on screen telling you that different characters are needed, just exit and return later with those characters once you've unlocked them.

The ultimate goal of each Treasure Level is to obtain a golden treasure chest, which are called Artifacts in the game. Collecting all of these Artifacts, plus the ones in the Bonus Levels, unlocks the Super Bonus Level in each hub.

BONUS LEVELS – Each playset also includes 5 Bonus Levels. The entrances are usually hidden or reachable only by characters with certain abilities. Once inside a Bonus Level, however, you'll automatically control the characters needed to complete it. Bonus Levels are set up like obstacle courses with a series of puzzles, traps and challenges, and an Artifact as the reward at the end.

SUPER BONUS LEVELS – There is only one Super Bonus Level in each playset. To enter you must first find all 10 Artifacts in that hub, by completing the 5 Treasure and 5 Bonus Levels.

Inside, a Super Bonus Level looks like giant LEGO playset, with roads, houses, trees, vehicles and more. The goal is to speed around smashing everything in sight until you've collected 1 million studs. There's no time limit, but you can compete against your friends or try to beat your own previous record. When you finish and return to the hub map, you can use the studs you've earned to purchase Characters, Vehicles and Extras.

REPLAYING LEVELS: Because the Story and Treasure Level entrances are the same, if you want to replay a Story Level before completing the corresponding Treasure Level—for example, to try again for "True Adventurer"—you'll need to load it through the Playset Menu. Once you've beaten both the Story and Treasure Levels, you can access either through the Playset Menu or the entrance on the hub map. (You'll notice the arrow indicator in the hub now cycles between green and gold.)

To replay a Bonus Level, either enter it again from the hub map or select it in the Playset Menu. After you've completed one Super Bonus Level, you'll unlock the Super Bonus Level playset in the main menu. You'll then be able to replay any completed Super Bonus Level through the playset or by re-entering it on the hub map.

When you've unlocked the Creator playset, you can also use the Quick Play feature there to replay any level.

Collectibles [jump to top]

What would a LEGO game be without goodies to collect? LEGO Indiana Jones 2 includes some of the same items as the previous game, plus some new ones. All are described below. To check your progress, just press Pause/Escape. This brings up the pause menu and displays the important items you've found so far.

StudSTUDS – Most objects in the game world release studs when smashed. The counters at the top left corner of the screen shows how many studs you've collected so far in the current level. In a co-op game, the stud counter for Player 2 is at the top right. When exploring the hub maps, the counter shows the total number of studs you've collected in the game.

There are various types of LEGO Studs, each with a different value: Silver: 10, Gold: 100, Blue: 1,000 and Purple: 10,000. Purple studs are more common in LEGO Indiana Jones 2 than in the first game, so I haven't noted the locations of every single one in the walkthrough. I do mention the purple studs that may be more difficult to find.

Studs are used to purchase new Characters, Vehicles and Extras.

LEGO Stud-finding Tips:

True Adventurer in Doom Town"True Adventurer" status can be achieved in each level by collecting a certain number of studs. The exact number varies for each level and is included in the walkthrough. The yellow stud meter at the bottom of the screen shows your progress. Once you've collected enough studs and filled that meter, the words "True Adventurer" flash across the screen. The meter then remains full even if you subsequently lose some studs. Getting True Adventurer for all levels is one factor in achieving 100% completion.

HeartHEARTS – Some objects and enemies release hearts when they are destroyed. Hearts restore your character's health when you pick them up.

ArtifactARTIFACTS – Each time you complete a Treasure or Bonus Level, you earn an Artifact. These Artifacts are collected in a special location on the hub map. When you've obtained all 10 Artifacts in that hub, you can smash them and use the pieces to build a huge model, which then becomes the entrance to the Super Bonus Level.

Colored BricksCOLORED BRICKS – Each hub map includes 30 hidden LEGO bricks—10 red, 10 green and 10 blue. When you've located all of the bricks of one color, a package drops from the sky. These packages contain various Extras—things like special abilities and treasure multipliers—which you can purchase using the studs you've collected. For details, see the hub walkthroughs and the Extras page.

CHARACTERS & VEHICLES – You start each hub with just a few characters and no vehicles but unlock more as you progress. Once you locate a new character or vehicle, you must use the studs you've earned to purchase them before they can be used. See the Characters and Vehicles pages for details.

Weapons & Special Items [jump to top]

Indy uses his trusty bullwhip
Indy can use his whip as a lasso.
WEAPONS - In addition to Indy's trusty whip you'll also control characters with other weapons. Occasionally you'll be able to pick up weapons dropped by defeated enemies. These include spears, swords, pistols, machine guns, grenades and even bazookas. When an enemy drops his weapon, you'll need to move fast to pick it up before it disappears. Borrowed weapons last for just a limited time. Once they've been thrown or run out of ammo, they disappear.

In LEGO Indiana Jones 2, characters can carry more than one object at a time, although this is limited to each character's default tool or weapon and two additional items. Picking up a fourth object will cause the character to drop one of the items he's carrying. To switch between fists, weapon and any other object a character may be holding, tap the Use button. If you need to carry additional objects, have the second playable character do it.

Using Weapons:

TOOLS, KEYS & MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS - Some characters have abilities that allow them to do specialized tasks, but even characters without special abilities can sometimes do these things if they have the right tools. The list below tells what various tools and objects do. See the Characters page for more info on Special Abilities.

100% Completion [jump to top]

Several feats are required in order to achieve 100% completion. For details and tips, check out the Xbox 360 Achievements or PlayStation 3 Trophies page. Even if you're not playing one of these versions, the suggestions under the "No defiant last words Dr. Jones?" achievement/trophy should help. Here's a summary:

  • Complete all 5 Story, 5 Treasure and 5 Bonus Levels in each of the 6 main playsets.
  • Unlock and complete the Super Bonus Level for each playset (6 in all).
  • Earn True Adventurer status on all levels.
  • Unlock all characters.
  • Unlock all vehicles.
  • Find all red, green and blue bricks.
  • Purchase all Extras.
  • Complete the Creator playset to 100%.
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