Raiders of the Lost Ark – Treasure Levels

The entrance to the next unplayed Treasure Level is usually marked by a big gold arrow. It is almost always in the same location as the corresponding Story Level. If you're having trouble finding the next level entrance, check the screenshots below or refer to the Hub Maps.

Beating each Treasure Level earns you a golden Artifact. These, along with the ones in the Bonus Levels, help unlock the Super Bonus Level. (See the Game Intro and Super Bonus Level pages for details.)

(Click any of the screenshots below to enlarge.)

Treasure Level 1 - Toasty Tavern

Character types needed: Explosives, Sword

The entrance to this Treasure Level is the same as the 1st Story Level: the big building on the snowy island at the top left corner of the hub. In order to complete the level, you'll need a character with explosives, such as the Enemy Officer, Bazooka Trooper or Colonel Dietrich, and one with a sword, so either the Masked Bandit or Bandit Swordsman. (See the Characters page for details.)

LEGO Indiana Jones 2 screenshot
Go back into Marion's bar to start this level.

Treasure Level 2 - Cairo Conundrum

Character types needed: Spear, Staff of Ra

You'll need the Hovitos Tribesman and Belloq, the only characters with the spear and Staff of Ra, to play this level. (See the Characters page if you need help unlocking either of them.) Once you have these two, proceed to the marketplace entrance at the top left side of the big island—the same spot where you entered the 2nd Story Level.

LEGO Indiana Jones 2 screenshot
Re-enter the marketplace to begin this level.

Treasure Level 3 - Cryptic Crypt

Character types needed: Sword, Whip

The entrance to this Treasure Level is the same as its Story Level counterpart: the hole in the ground in the sandy excavation site on the big island. You'll need Indiana Jones (whip) and either the Masked Bandit or Bandit Swordsman (sword) to complete the level.

LEGO Indiana Jones 2 screenshot
The hole in the ground where you entered the
Map Room earlier also houses this level.

Treasure Level 4 - Desert Dash

Character types needed: Any

This is another vehicle level, so you can use any two characters. The entrance is located on the dark island with the dock on the right side of the hub. To reach it, cross the green bridge on the left side of the big island. Then enter the opening in the foliage marked with a gold arrow.

LEGO Indiana Jones 2 screenshot
Follow the golden arrow into the bushes
to enter this level.

Treasure Level 5 - Buildozer

Character types needed: Excavate, Spear

You'll need a character with a shovel and one with a spear to complete this level, so round up either Sallah or Satipo and the Hovitos Tribesman. The entrance is the same as the last Story Level. It's on the small island with the canyon directly below the big island. You can reach it by boat, airplane or swimming. From the water on the bottom edge of the island, climb the ladder onto Captain Katanga's ship, hop onto dry land and make your way to the back of the canyon, where you'll see a gold arrow pointing the way.

LEGO Indiana Jones 2 screenshot
Climb the ladder on the side of Captain Katanga's ship to get onto the island.
LEGO Indiana Jones 2 screenshot
Then head for the back of the canyon. The level entrance is near the Ark.
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